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10 Questions with Atticus Rheighns of IWA Tri-State!



10 Questions with Atticus

1.) I see that you started IWA Tri-State, Why did you start this company? What is your goal for IWA Tri-State? Who helped you get started?

I started Tri-State cause I honestly felt that South Jersey was in desperate need of a good wrestling federation.  Not many companies run here anymore and the fans deserve to have a company to watch that doesn’t insult there intelligence. My goal would be to put on strong shows, showcase young and up and coming talent and hopefully be around for 20 plus years. To get the project off the ground I first talked to my wife and family as this takes up a lot of time and money at first.  Then I called Ian Rotten an old friend and asked if I was crazy for wanting to do this. He assured me that I was nuts anyway so to go for it.

2.) What will make IWA Tri-State different from other wrestling companies?

I believe our product will appeal to a larger audience families, teenagers, young adults you name we’ll have something for everyone.
3.) Let’s know more about you, Who is Atticus Rheighns? How did he get started in wrestling? What does he do in his life outside of wrestling?

I’m just a 41 year old man who loves wrestling and has since I was 6 years old.  I always wanted to wrestle and while working for a furniture company in 98 came across a flier for a new local school called the Combat Zone.  Anyone who knows anything knows this was the place that started CZW.  I began my training with Lobo, Justice Pain, Nick Gage and Ric Blade. Before our first show I jammed my neck herniating 2 discs.  Well, with no health insurance, a mortgage and young family I decided to let the ring wait. I began helping out with everything else though just to stay close. Every once in awhile I’d get the itch to get back into the ring. After a few years I was introduced to Doc Diamond and the DWF.  I got the smile back and enjoyed working with the young guys and putting on shows.  That really planted the seed that would become IWA Tri-State. Outside of wrestling I’m just a regular family man with a wife (20+ years together) 5 awesome kids and a regular day job.  For fun I like music, watching horror movies with the kids and hanging out with my family…  kinda boring huh?
4.) What have been some of the inspirations for you in wrestling? How about what has inspired and influenced your wrestling promotion?

Well this may go up a few peoples asses sideways but the biggest influence on me has been John Zandig.  He trained me and broke me into this business. He is more or less like a brother to me.  That’s not to say I agree with everything he’s done over the years but I respect him for doing it his way and not backing down at all.  He lives, eats, sleeps and breaths CZW and will defend it to the end. The same thing he instilled in me and the way I feel about IWA Tri-State.

5.) Tell me about some of the people involved with IWA Tri-State? Why are there there and what do they bring to the table?

Well the locker room is really different from what is around in the area.  A lot of people will look at the names and go “who is that” well come to the shows and find out!   You have guys like Eric Cooper, Tommy Force, Problem Child, JADEN, Lince Dorado.  Not to mention established stars like Devon Moore and Mad Man Pondo. Not to mention or over look our plans to have a good tag team division and a ladies roster.  Women who can wrestle!
6.) Who do you want to bring into the company and why?

There are soooo many people I want and will bring in. I’ve been in contact with guys like Eddie Kingston, Noah star Bobby Fish, Ricky Reyes will be in come Sept. The hardest part is getting the dates of our shows to work with thiers.  So if you want to see someone let us know and I’ll do my best to give the fans what they want.

7.) Will IWA Tri-State have a link to the past when it comes to this business or will IWA Tri-State look to carve its own history with out paying homage to those to came before us?

You can’t move on in life without a link or connection to the past so yes we will have a connection with some of it, but IWA Tri-State plans on carving their own path.

8.) If you had to label IWA Tri-State what kind of wrestling company would it be?

Entertaining (as much as I hate that word) and exciting.
9.) What should the fans of IWA Tri-State expect on the first show on Saturday August 16th in Sewell, NJ?

They can plan on seeing everything from good old fashion wrestling to high flying lucha, plus women’s wrestling and some hardcore IWA Tri-State has it all

10.) Any Final Thoughts?

Yes I’d just like to thank the many workers who have contacted me and my staff looking for work and wanting to be part of this. Thank you for giving this old man one last shot at living a dream. To you the fans who have already sent money in for tickets, the positive e-mails, the kind words, I also say thank you.  I will do my best as will my locker room not to let you down.


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