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Missy Sampson — The Luscious Lowdown

What’s Up Bitches?



So it’s been a really long time since I wrote just a normal blog. Well here you go. Obviously the last few months have thrown my life into a tailspin. I lost my mom and moved into my own apartment. I again just want to take a brief moment to everyone who contacted me on my mother’s passing and offered their support either in person, on the phone, in an email, through a text or im and with their prayers. It really did help hold me up when truth be told all I wanted to do was lay in bed, throw the covers over my head and completely fall apart.

My new apartment is great and I love it! It’s a little lonely sometimes but overall I like living on my own. I can decorate however I want and do whatever I want! It’s liberating.

As for wrestling I haven’t been doing much lately, and I’ll probably be keeping it that way. I don’t feel the drive or the need to do 3 shows every weekend anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still love wrestling, but after 13 years of doing it my body isn’t getting any younger. I’m trying to elongate my “bump card.” Primarily right now you can catch me at PWU and WSU and those are 2 companies I plan to continue to work for until I just can’t wrestle anymore and I’m still involved backstage with WEW. As for other bookings, I’m open to any and all offers but I’m no longer willing to drive long hours to far places for little to no pay. Sorry.

On another subject I’ve got snitches and bitches (I love them all) everywhere. People in life and especially in wrestling can be shady and slimy. I’ve known this for a while, its not news to me. I used to always try and turn the cheek or forgive and forget. To let things slide. Well I’ve learned life is too short. I’m going to just start writing people off. I don’t have the time, energy or the want to keep including people in my life who show they either don’t want to be there or don’t deserve to be there.

For example it was brought to my attention over the past two days that someone I considered a close friend has become quite shady and for lack of a better phrase has decided to go into business for themselves and in the process screw me. Please note the minute said person decided to do this, a copy of the email in which they tried to do this was forwarded right to me. So the jig is up. And trust me this will be dealt with.

I’ve been loyal and bent over backwards to help anyone I could. I’d like to think it would have or did lead to people feeling loyal to me. But unfortunately that isn’t always the case. For those people who are showing their loyalty thank you and it’s appreciated. To those that aren’t, those that are have their eyes and ears open for me even when you think no one is listening or watching. I’m not a door mat and I won’t be walked on anymore!

Before I end this I have to give shout outs to my sisters Tracy, Dawn and Rose. I also have to give a huge shout out to Ben for being a great guy/friend and to Jose who made me the most awesome ring jacket! I love it!

Take care everyone and I hope to see you this weekend in NJ for WSU where I will be participating in the Tag Team Tournament.


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