Hello Viewers!!!!!

I’m back and as you can see by my NEWEST and the best looking banner in years well, you know why.
BRET HART is back and albeit for just a short time, I, his biggest fan (and no, boys, that doesn’t mean his fattest) have to write a column.




I was so excited to hear he’d returned. Yes, can you believe it? I missed the first Hart apperance? of course I have good reasons and we’ll just leave them at that. But I did manage to tape everything else WWE related and watched his entrance again and again and well, you get the picture.

So this past Monday I sat glued to my seat so not to miss him yet again.

But of course I must talk about everything else (although for me, nothing else was as good) but I digress…

First of all, William Shatner as the guest host. Actually, I found him to be one of the better guests. He was pretty funny and pulled off a lot of gags quite well. To most people he’ll always be Captain but to me he’ll always be Denny Craine.


Aww don’t worry. He’s Mr. Wrestlemania as we all know. But wow, what blows and all evening long. Didn’t get the elimination chamber and went straight into Orton’s arms (EWWWW).  Of all the people on the roster to lose to, I’d rather lose to Hornswaggle. And before that he lost in the last man standing. Oh but he’ll be back on his feet in no time. Why, WM is right around the corner. Not a huge Michaels fan but this actually was pretty good.  Speaking of good….

Everyone wants to kill the umpire but wow, to get a referee like Big Show did. That’s gonna leave a mark. The match wasn’t bad but then again, it wasn’t the best of the night.

The divas are well, not my favorite, but I still love Mickey James. I don’t like what they’re doing or saying about her right now and while I realize that this IS just a storyline I also realize that Vince is an idiot because so many young girls aspire to become just like the divas. Their picking on Mickey James in this fashion begs me to ask the question WHY? When you’re probably better than any of them combined.

Okay that’s it for me. Oh No, I didn’t forget. What I meant was that I’ve had enough of the actual show and am now moving on to the reason I STILL can’t stand Vince McMahon. I’m already receiving letters about what he did to Bret Hart last week and last month. This is going to be good, that’s all I have to say about that. Well, maybe not. But still, I just can’t wait till Bret gets even, and oh you know it’s gonna happen.

What the heck was Batista doing there anyway? Is he on RAW now or did Vince once again become the scared little child we all know that he is and just asked Batista to come on the show. Also, what’s Batista done to himself? He used to have a nice looking body and now it’s covered in so many tattoos. Who does he think he is, Undertaker? News for Batista, grow some hair, stop with the tattoos you’re just never going to be the Undertaker. Come to think of it, you’re just never going to be Bret Hart either, so why are you messing with him? LOL

I am happy to see Bret back in the ring and the WWE ring as well. Maybe Vince heard that loud popping sound. You know the sound you hear when you bend over and put one hand on either knee and pull and viola, your head comes out of your A$$. Yes, that’s the popping sound I’m talking about. Maybe Shawn Michaels has been reading the Bible to Vince (that would be a miracle in itself) and Vince realized the error of his ways. Oh wait, No, because he actually spit in Bret’s face. Ha!! Bet he’s been waiting twelve years to do that. Guess what Vince, unlike Bret, YOU deserved it. But I’m not biased….  MUCH.

Yes, Viewers, Bret is back and until he’s gone, Annie is too.

Question of the Week:
Are you happy about Bret being back and, do you think he’ll beat the stuffing out of Vince at Wrestlemania??

That’s it for now. Until next time, be good or be like Annie, really good doing it. (Hello Jerry Lawler!!!)

– Miss Ayn

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