Jeff Jarrett: No Regrets on Long, Strange TNA Trip

- Josh Stewart


Jeff Jarrett’s last nine years would have been good fodder for a pro wrestling script even if he sold tires for a living. Start a business on a wing and a prayer, come within a whisker of complete collapse, finally solidify his new career only to lose his wife to cancer, then jeopardize all he worked for by falling in love with the ex-wife of his star employee.



But Jarrett, who last year married Kurt Angle’s ex-wife, Karen, is unfazed as he negotiates a phone interview Monday while running errands just after returning from Mexico — and with a trip to Indiana and Ohio just around the corner. “As the World Turns Left” caught up with Jarrett, 43, who will be in Brooklyn at MCU Park on July 1 as part of TNA’s BaseBrawl series. After all he’s been through, fielding a couple of tough questions while crossing things off his to-do list is child’s play.

Q: You just got back from a AAA show in Mexico, where you unexpectedly won the AAA World Heavyweight Title. How important is that relationship toward expanding TNA internationally?

A: You nailed it. It’s all part of an international presence. I guess you could say the title speaks for itself. The presence that TNA has in Mexico right now, it’s all a part of expanding the brand, growing the brand. And it’s the continuous evolution, so to speak, of TNA, and just broadening our reach.

Q: Speaking of business, when I talk with people about TNA, one of the biggest questions I still get is, “Is TNA profitable?”

A: Has been for years, absolutely.

For the rest of the interview, & Jeff’s comments on otentially going too far in the Kurt Angle feud, the difficulties of pro wrestlers doing an anti-bullying campaign, etc. go to

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