We are 24 Days away from  MCW's Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup 11!!!

The Holy Rollers will  defend their titles and careers against Fed-Up's  Tag  Team lineage, if Fed-Up loses, they can never tag again, the same fates Joey Matthews & Christian York encountered, the same                                             fate  that  The Backseats Boys             faced...



MCW Rage TV Episode 14…

As you can see, J.P. Callihan seems to be quite happy with himself standing next to the newcomer in MCW, a Mr. Doc Daniels… not much is known about Doc yet, however we have learned that he has acquired the contracts of Zachary Shane and Alexander James and bringing to MCW what he calls, The Winners Circle.  With his sister and co-owner of the Winners Circle Organization (‘Aida Marie’), Doc Daniels has promised to usher in a new era of “friendly” competition to Maryland Championship Wrestling.

Anyway… also on the bill for Episode 14 of Rage TV is Chris Clow (oddly enough associated with the aforementioned J.P. Callihan) will be in action facing off against RK Blues.  Fed-Up will be in Tag Team action as well as Nui Tofiga, and Kindred will face off against the MCW Rage TV Champion, Ronnie Zukko.

Watch RAGE TV Live on our USTREAM account tonight @ 10:00 P.M.

MCW 2011 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup XI Spotlight…

If your a fan of MCW and you don’t know Kirby Mack by now, than you should be ashamed of yourselves.  Here’s a back story, Team Macktion was brought to our attention after UWF promoters Hermie Sadler, Earl Hebner and Brian Hebner booked them to compete against Team Arrogance (Chris Bosh and Scott Lost) and our (at the time) MCW Tag Team Champions, Ruckus and Sabian (BLK OUT) for the MCW Tag Team Championships in which Ruckus and Sabian successfully retained.  MCW approached Team Macktion about bringing their talents to the MCW Stage and compete against our established tag teams.  Kirby and TJ eventually agreed to join our roster and was immediately greeted with cheers.

In 2008, Team Macktion made their MCW debuts and immediately was fighting off fellow Tag Team specialists, “The Best Around” in a heated rivalry that eventually involved the MCW Tag Team Championships.

The day after Christmas (12/26) in 2009, Team Macktion went on to becoming your Tag Team Champions, eventually losing to the now Champs, The Holy Rollers.

We’ve seen what they can do as solo/singles competitors, especially this year alone where we havn’t seen TJ Mack.

In an attempt to join the final 6 in the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup VIII (2008), Team Macktion and the SAT’s went to a Double Count Out in what would go down in one of the best Tag Team matches in 2008.

The next year, Kirby Mack won his way to compete in the 2009 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup (IX).

Will this be the year of the MACK!?

MCW 2011 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup XI Spotlight…

As a MCW fan, your probably asking yourself, who is Black Baron, and why should I care… well shame on you.  It should always be presieved as an honor to be invited to the SSMC, and if you simply googled Black Baron and looked up his matches online (YouTube, etc.) you’d notice a true magnificent talent in the ring.

A tag team partner with AR Fox WWA4, Black Baron has seen much success down south, and wants to bring his talents north bound starting with MCW.

Baron is a former Heavyweight Champion, Internet Champion and Tag Team Champion in professional wrestling.

MCW 2011 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup XI Spotlight…

Kyle was trained in 2002 as the age of 15 in Rome, GA.  He has continued his training with such big independant names in wrestling as Jimmy Rave, Low-Ki (Kaval), and former Tough Enough trainer, Al Snow.

Kyle has performed in front of countless fans across the South East, and in 2008 competed in CHIKARA’s Annual Young Lions Cup a tournament for wrestlers under the age of 25.

With his mix of old school wrestling knowledge and new school high flying ability, Kyle Matthews is a young Superstar on the rise in professional wrestling.

MCW 2011 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup XI Spotlight…

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1978, Ricky is a tough competitor who has competed in Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and most recently, Urban Wrestling Federation.

Reyes fame stems from being one half of the Havana Pitbulls along with Rocky Romero.  Ricky and Romero wrestled against CM Punk and Colt Cabana in ROH for the ROH Tag Team Championships and successfully defeated the team of CM Punk and Colt Cabana.

He was also a member of the Combat Zone Wrestling’s roster in 2006 joining BLK OUT.

Currently (aside from UWF) he can be seen performing in Puerto Rico’s premiere wrestling federation, WWC (World Wrestling Council).

MCW 2011 Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup XI Spotlight…

Now I’m hoping people know about Sami by now.  Aside from being in MCW for well over a year now… 2011 has been the year for Sami.

Sami earned his nickname “The New Horror” in professional wrestling from his aggressive, stiff and hardcore brawling style, but don’t be fooled as many before you, he’s a technician as well.

Competing for such notable federations as the Heartland Wrestling Association, he also competed in the Young Lions Tournament in 2008 in CHIKARA.

He debuted for CZW during Chris Cash’s Memorial Show in which he won the Chris Cash Memorial Battle Royal.

Competing for ROH is no mystery for this young man neither, as he competed on ROH’s PPV, Escalation as well as was a part of ROH’s debut episode on Ring of Honor wrestling on HDNet.

His list of accomplishments are huge, most notably would be his CZW Iron Man Championship victory, winning the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup in 2010, being ranked #174 in the top 500 Singles Wrestlers in PWI’s Top 500 of 2010.

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