TNA Impact Wrestling Conference Call with Bobby Roode


World Heavyweight Championship – one of the biggest prizes is all of professional wrestling – will be on the line as Olympic Gold Medalist, multi-time World Champion and arguably THE greatest wrestler in the world, Kurt Angle, defends the gold against Bobby Roode – a TNA original and the winner of the acclaimed Bound For Glory Series. Can Kurt Angle continue his in-ring domination, or will Roode usher in a New Era in TNA IMPACT WRESTLING?



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On Sunday, October 16, in Philadelphia, PA, Bobby Roode faces World Champion Kurt Angle for the Heavyweight Championship in the Main Event at TNA’s biggest PPV of the year, Bound for Glory.  Roode was the subject of today’s teleconference.


Bobby said that he is going into the Championship match feeling confident, and that he’s at his highest level ever.  His friends from Fortune have been tough on him, but that’s what he wanted.  They gave him confidence, and he will do his best on Sunday.  He believes that Kurt Angle’s plan to wear him out by making him face his friends in Fortune will work against Angle, since he is now much better prepared because of it.  He doesn’t feel any resentment from Fortune, and they are a family.  He believes they will have his back, and that they will congratulate him if he wins.


The TNA Heavyweight Championship has its own prestige, and is important in its own right.  While he respects the NWA Championships, he says it does not matter that they are no longer connected to the TNA titles.


If he wins, he wants to be a fighting champion, and believes the title should be defended at least once a month.  He would like to make some title defenses on the Impact tv show, too.  He knows there will be many challengers, and he will face anyone TNA decides he should.  He guesses Angle would be entitled to a rematch right away, and that AJ Styles would be another top contender.  He believes that the match fans will most want to see will be him against his former partner James Storm, but it’s up to TNA to decide when that will be.  He’s certain that it will be a very special match whenever it does happen.


He believes Sting vs. Hogan will bring in a lot of older fans.  The match adds a lot to the star power for the PPV.


Failure is not an option for him on Sunday, so he hasn’t given it any thought.  He has devoted all his energy to training, especially cardio, and to studying tapes of Angle’s matches.  If he doesn’t win, the younger guys like him will have to work all the harder for a chance.  He is a TNA original, and has been with them since day one.  He has been loyal, and this is his biggest and best chance to shine and show that he can lead the company.  He believes the younger wrestlers have been carrying the company, and he wants to prove it by winning.  It’s an opportunity for many new matches and angles that could take TNA in a fresh new direction.


He faced Angle once before, in a tournament match on tv, but Sunday will be the most important match of his career so far.  He was identified as a tag team wrestler in Team Canada and Beer Money, and this is his chance to step outside of tag teams and stand out as a singles wrestler.  He wouldn’t be in the match if he didn’t think he could beat Angle, whom he called “the greatest wrestler who ever lived.”  He will win at Bound for Glory, and that will cement him as a main eventer.  It will be his proudest moment, facing the top guy in the company in the biggest PPV of the year.  He believes they can have the Match of the Year.


He’s still quiet and reserved; the attention hasn’t changed him.  He believes he is prepared to be the Champion, and is prepared to carry the flag for Impact Wrestling.


He is looking forward to the upcoming UK tour in January, and if he is Heavyweight Champion at that time, he’ll be happy to defend the title while on the tour.  He has been on all of the European tours, and says each one has been better than the one before.  He said the fans are great, and very enthusiastic.


He had several idols in wrestling when he was growing up.  He watched many hours of footage of Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig.  He also admired Rick Rude, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and others.  It was an honor to have Ric Flair as his manager and to work with him.


He has no plans for Hollywood or movies.  His sole focus now is the Heavyweight Championship and his singles career.  In the future, once he hangs up his boots, he might consider Hollywood.


He hopes that their match will be one on one, with no outside interference from Immortal or Fortune.  He hopes Kurt wants the same, as he is sure that’s what the fans want to see.  He said Philly is a great wrestling city, where the fans are loud and will let you know whether they like you or hate you.



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