TNA Impact Wrestling – Jeff Hardy Teleconference for This Thursday’s Impact and Sunday’s Turning Point PPV.


Six Man Match on IMPACT WRESTLING and Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett at Turning Point

- IMMORTAL alliance members Jeff Jarrett, Bully Ray and Scott Steiner
have challenged “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson to
find a tag team partner to battle in a Six Man Match on the broadcast!
Who will step up to join Hardy and Anderson in battle?




Thursday Nov 10 on Spike 9PM ET

This Sunday, November 13

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Jeff said he’s not surprised at the positive reaction from the fans since his return, as he has always been fortunate with that.  He said he gives a lot in the ring, and he believes the fans recognize and appreciate that.


He said he just got home after 4 live shows for TNA, and he feels great. He’s been running every morning, and he’s been working out with weights and believes he’s in the best shape of his life.  He’s taking better care of himself, not doing so many crazy things in the ring, and he is very excited about the future.


He understands the guys in the locker room being wary of him.  “I messed up,” he admits.  He says things are a little better now, but that he believes it will take about a year before he gets their full trust back.  He doesn’t mind it that his problems are being used as a storyline, and he thinks it was good for other wrestlers to be able to say what they think of him on tv.  He says it’s a good way for him to get out there and prove himself to a lot of people.  He added that he has gone through a lot that the media and other people aren’t aware of.


Jeff said his match with Jeff Jarrett at Turning Point will be tough, and he’s also going to have to watch out for Karen.  His strategy will be to keep his confidence up; confidence is the most important thing, because anything could happen in that match.


While he would like another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at some point in the future, he says he doesn’t want it any time soon.  He likes seeing new faces in the title picture, and he’s enjoying the Beer Money matches very much.


He liked working the live shows on the road, and he thinks it would be good for TNA to get out of Orlando and “give the Impact Zone a rest,” if it’s possible.   The fans on the road are fresh, and fan response on the road is great, he said.


His legal battles are over now, Jeff said.  He served his 10 days, and he’s on intensive probation now and for 4 more months; he’s allowed to work, but he has a strict curfew otherwise, and has to be home with no visitors after 6 pm.  After that, he will be on regular probation.


There was a period right after his arrest when he thought his life was over, but other than that, he never thought he was done with wrestling.  He thinks wrestling will always be a part of his life in some way.


His daughter just turned a year old, and he says that being a father has had a lot to do with the changes he has made in his life.  He and his wife have to think about their daughter now, and he wants to be around for many more of her birthdays to come.  That’s also why he has changed his wrestling style somewhat, and is not doing so many crazy things anymore.  He attributes his longevity in the business so far to luck, and said that he knows he has much to be thankful for.  He does want to go back to using the springboard again, and he’s been practicing, working on getting back in form.


The X Division is still his favorite in TNA, and he will always be a fan of that style of wrestling.  He said that sometimes the guys do moves where they look like super heroes, and all you can do is say, “Wow!”


Jushin Lyger was his biggest inspiration in wrestling.  He also admires Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio, and feels lucky to be working alongside Sting and Hulk Hogan.


Matt is in great spirits, and seems to be doing well.  He thins Matt will now focus on his wrestling school.


Jeff admitted that he has never been the type to go out of his way to give advice to other wrestlers, although sometimes he will give compliments when he sees another wrestler do something really good.  Some guys like that leader role, he said, “but I just don’t want to coach.”  He admits it can be harder in the end to get over by doing the crazy moves, because fans will come to expect it, and it’s harder to impress them.  If he were to give advice to up and coming wrestlers, he’d say, “Make sure you shine when you sell.”  He said it’s not necessary to get in all your offense in one match, or always be on top.  “It’s an art to me.  Don’t worry about being on top all the time.  Be on the bottom and look good doing it.”  He added, “Be original; be different.”


He thinks his local home state media was excessive in the attention they paid to his legal troubles, putting it on the front page for so many days.  He doesn’t hate anyone for it, but  he will never again give them an interview because of it.


He wants to do an album with his band Peroxwhy?gen, maybe through TNA.


At some point in the future, he would like to write an autobiography.  He has a journal, and also has a lot of drawings from when he was in jail, which he would like to include.


He joined Immortal because it was something he hadn’t done before.  He had a chance to do something dark and win the Championship, so he took it.


– Karen Belcher



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