Jeff Hardy challenges TNA World Champion Austin Aries for his coveted title on Sunday at the Bound for Glory PPV.


Today, Oct. 9, Jeff faced off against wrestling journalists in a conference call interview.



Photos courtesy of TNA Impact Wrestling


Jeff Hardy

Height: 6’2″
Weight: 215 pounds
From: Cameron, North Carolina
Finishing Move: The Swanton

Known as “The Charismatic Enigma”, Jeff Hardy is one of the most popular and accomplished superstars of the last decade in professional wrestling and is considered an exciting, high-flying daredevil.  Hardy is a former World Champion who looks to once again revolutionize his career in IMPACT WRESTLING.

Jeff Hardy is best known for his work in tables, ladders and chairs matches where he regularly pushed the limits of professional wrestling and left fans amazed at what one man is capable of enduring. Hardy famously competed in the second Monster’s Ball match in history. During the match, which took place at Bound for Glory 2005, Hardy, to the awe of everyone in attendance, performed his Swanton from the top of the arena entrance onto Abyss, who was lying on a table 30 feet below. This was just a testament to Hardy’s high risk style offense and disregard for his own personal safety.

Since his return to TNA, Hardy has been the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and is on the road to revitalizing his career at IMPACT WRESTLING.


Photos courtesy of TNA Impact Wrestling


TNA Impact Wrestling 10/9 Conference Call with Jeff Hardy

Jeff admitted he thinks Austin Aries is a great champion, but that he was shocked when Aries beat Robert Roode to become TNA champion.

He said it’s been great being on the straight and narrow for the last year, he loves TNA, and he’s “crazy excited” about the future.

The one major thing for for Jeff to accomplish is to become World Champion one more time, and he hopes to do that on Sunday.

Jeff said this is the first time he was part of Bound for Glory series, and the matches leading up to his title match were brutal.  He owes it to his fans to win on Sunday.
He’s looking forward to having the size and strength advantage for a change this time, but Austin has the speed and agility advantage.

Jeff said since he returned to TNA in August, 2011, and he’s been very grateful for the trust Dixie Carter placed in him.  Fatherhood has done the most in helping him turn things around., and has brought out the best in him.

Hardy is very grateful for the loyalty of his fans, and loves meeting them.  He thinks they see that he’s genuine, and has never lost control of his ego.  After being arrested on such serious charges, he knows this is his last chance, and he is determined to make it work.  If he wins on Sunday, it will be a huge celebration for him.


Photos courtesy of TNA Impact Wrestling


Jeff admitted he would love to be inducted to the Hall of Fame at some point, and is flattered by Austin Aries’ statement that he has had a Hall of Fame career.  Aries has a long way to go before he will be at Hardy’s level, but he is on his way, no doubt about it.  Aries may be the next rising star for TNA.

Billy Corgan is a friend of Jeff’s, and he said they talked about Corgan’s new wrestling promotion a little, but Hardy’s not involved in it.  He would love to combine their interest in music and wrestling at some time in the future, but there’s nothing in the works now.  He hopes to have some of his band’s music out in early 2013 via TNA’s music people.

One of his band’s songs, Reptilian, will be debuted soon through TNA

Jeff doesn’t have a time frame in mind for when he will leave wrestling and move on.  Because he’s a dad now, he’s concerned more than ever about being injured, but he also wants to keep on wrestling for as long as he can. Chris Jericho is a huge inspiration to him, with his band Fozzy, and the way he handles both careers in music and wrestling.

His main goal is to become World Champion one more time.  Another goal is to perform his music at live TNA events, so he can stay passionate and still wrestle.  TNA’s goal is to grow and get better.  If they can stay live all the time, it will be great for them.  Taking Impact live on the road every week would be a huge step for them to take.

Jeff said he’s reading Booker T’s book right now, and has been talking about writing his own book too.

Tag team wrestling is very important to him, and the matches from the golden era of tag wrestling are very special to him.  He’s waiting for tag team wrestling to spark and become big again.  The team to watch now is Daniels and Kazarian.

Jeff said that being a darker heel character was fun for him to try in the past, but he now thinks it was a bad decision, as the fans just wanted to cheer him.  He thinks he does much better as a fan favorite.  It’s natural to him to do the high risk aerial moves, and it was hard for him to change his ring work for that darker character, but he did enjoy the mic work.

Jeff revealed that Stone Temple Pilots inspired him to start writing his own songs.  His father has always been musical, and that is where he got his talent.  His new face paint is like a snake, to go with his new song, Reptilian, which will soon replace his old song Resurrected.

He would like to work with Juhin Lyger one day, as he was a huge inspiration for Jeff.

Ultimately, he’d like for TNA to be live on the road every week, but to start with, it will probably have to be monthly.


Photos courtesy of TNA Impact Wrestling


Hardy recalled that it was a very stupid thing they did when he and Matt once set their Christmas tree on fire, and he tried to do a fire bump.  He ended up with second degree burns on his rear, and was in great pain for a long time afterward.

He would like to get comfortable with springboard leaps again, and may attempt some new moves in that line.

Jeff said said he’s not the kind of guy who will tell someone what they did right and wrong, though he does give compliments to other wrestlers.  He laughingly said Austin Aries is so arrogant, he doesn’t need extra confidence.  He said Aries is a force to be reckoned with.

When he and Matt imitated the Rock n Roll Express as kids, he took the Ricky Morton role, and wanted to be like Ricky.

He started using face paint to let his fans know that it’s okay to be yourself, and don’t try to hide what you are.

He hasn’t seen what CM Punk did in lashing out at a fan this week.  He heard it was pretty violent, so he will have to check it out on video.  He isn’t in touch with Punk, and has nothing bad to say about him – they are just different.

Jeff revealed that has had a lot of pressure leading up to Bound for Glory, and he feels that this is one of the biggest matches of his career.  He came close with Bobby Roode, but never won the belt.  Now he has a shot with Austin Aries, and this will be tough.  He has decided on what kind of face paint he will use, and is picturing straight black and white, with something special under his eyelids.  He hopes it will work out the way he pictures it, and that fans will like it.


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Just 3 days away from Bound For Glory this Thursdays Impact promises to be explosive.

-What will happen when TNA World Champion Austin Aries comes face to face with Jeff Hardy for the final time before their epic World Title Match?

-Last week we saw Hulk Hogan and Sting choose Bully Ray as a partner. How
will Aces and 8s respond?

-James Storm and Bobby Roode’s rivalry has continued to intensify. Now MMA Superstar King Mo has entered the equation. King Mo will be in the Impact Zone on Thursday. Will Roode attempt to confront Mo?

-In Knockouts action, TNA Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher takes on Gail Kim.

All this and much more on Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV LIVE at 8/7c, including the latest news of the “Bound For Glory” Pay-Per-View

“Bound For Glory”
Live on pay-per-view Sunday Oct. 14
Phoenix, AZ
Grand Canyon University Arena

World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy v. Austin Aries

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES?Styles & Angle vs. Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Daniels & Kazarian

Falls Count Anywhere (Special Enforcer King Mo)
Bobby Roode v James Storm

Knockouts Championship Match?Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher

TV Championship Match?Magnus vs. Samoa Joe

Aces & Eights vs. Sting & Bully Ray

Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow


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