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F*ck YouTube, Video Diary, Shine Wrestling, Philly & Rants About Internet Bullshit.

I went to upload a new video diary on YouTube today and apparently my account has been suspended due to the CONTENT of two videos. A frigging fitness video diary in London and a video diary at Comic Con. Both of which were kid-friendly conventions! So clearly, some c*nt flagged me and YouTube’s awesome Un-American “guilty until proven innocent” policy is now costing me. I filed an appeal, but they said it could be suspended for 60 days. What’s amazing is that I’m getting so much traffic to my YouTube channel, they’ve been PAYING ME this entire last year. It ain’t much, but it’s nice to get paid a few bucks for all the free videos I give out.

This is exactly how my Facebook was deleted on me and it honestly makes me not want to bother giving ANYTHING to anyone anymore. Why – when all c*nts do is complain? And by ‘c*nts’, I’m using the British version…which includes EVERYONE of both genders. I am the one to pay for all of this with banned accounts and not being able to promote my appearances. I don’t get why someone would seek me out, watch my stuff and then flag it. It’s so f*cktarded. But I guess I have quite a few f*cktarded “fans”. Speaking of, if you find any videos or photos on the net, please send me the links. I’ve been wasting tons of precious time battling that as well. On the internet, the thieves get protected while the content providers are made to jump through hopes to get their stolen material removed. I hate thieves. I seriously hope that with karma, they get their cars and homes broken into so they know exactly how it feels to have someone take THEIR stuff.


Despite that rant, I’m still in a giving mood…  today.

A fan sent me a Q&A and some pretty cool Amazon goodies off my wishlist (http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/258GQWZANXBQ3/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_ws_B9EHqb0SDDSJA) to do it in a Halloween costume, so I did.


Oh, and fuck you YouTube. You can now visit me on Daily Motion. I’ll be building that page up as things go along.

Fan Q&A Video Diary with April Hunter:



If you came out to Shine Wrestling or ordered it on iPPV, thank you. As you may know, I was evicted from ringside, and they’re talking about suspending me as well. Made in Sin kicked ass, won our match and I don’t think I’d have to actually CHEAT to make that happen. I think it’s total bullshit. We shall see.

Also, my new blog (http://aprilhunterblog.com) has gotten over 1000 readers in its first week. Thank you! Working on Chapter Two now.


I’m leaving for Philly to start cleaning out Mom’s house on Wednesday morning. All alone. L I’ll be gone for a few weeks, so if you don’t HAVE to email me about something (like a custom video I’m late on!) please don’t. I need this time to sort out family stuff. Other than that, all merchandise orders have been sent this week out except one. And weekly site updates will keep on going, so check i! n often!


If you’re in the northeast, come see me this weekend! http://www.ChillerTheatre.com. It’s going to be a big time blast with an amazing guest lineup! I’m there Friday 26th and Saturday 27th. And…  I’ll have candy. Come trick or treat. J


Thank you for joining my site, buying from my store & Clips page. It matters – and I appreciate it.
- Kisses! April xo.

You Can Sleep with A Blonde, You Can Sleep with a Brunette… But You’ll Never Get Any Sleep with A REDHEAD!




Kim vs. April After her grueling battle with Trish, Kim retreats to her gym and soaks her awesome body in the hot tub.
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 Hunter Ha Ha…Q. How can you tell a sumo wrestler from a feminist?

A. A Sumo wrestler shaves his legs.


Halloween Ha Ha…

Two zombies meet in the cemetery.

One said, “It’s so fun being dead, right?”

The second said, “Wow a talking zombie.”


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