Recap of TNA Press Conference Call with Christopher Daniels 11/7


Also known as “The Fallen Angel”, Christopher Daniels is one of the most accomplished superstars in the history of IMPACT WRESTLING.  The multi-time X Division and Tag Team Champion is one of the “Originals” that debuted with the organization in 2002.  He has competed in some of the greatest matches in IMPACT WRESTLING history and has long been known to innovate and push the limits of IMPACT WRESTLING.




Christopher Daniels

Height: 6′
Weight: 224 pounds
From: The City Of Angels
Finishing Move: The Best Moonsault Ever


When Daniels started with IMPACT WRESTLING he was part of the faction “Triple X” until it disbanded, at which point he started a successful singles run in the X division.   He was able to capture his first X-Division Championship in an Ultimate X match and held the title for one of the longest X-Division reigns in IMPACT WRESTLING History.


Daniels has teamed with Kazarian and after only three months, they became the World Tag Team Champions. Although this title was taken away from them at “Bound For Glory”, they will do whatever it takes to become Tag Team Champions again.



Daniels says he’s thrilled with the new direction of his career, and his tag team success with Frankie Kazarian, and that they had chemistry together from the beginning.  He says they are the best tag team in the business right now, and will get their belts back from Chavo & Hernandez on Sunday.  Tag teams that focus on being a team the way they do, are sure to succeed.


He and Kazarian both have the same snarky attitude and promo style, and they have done well every time TNA has allowed them to have the microphone in their hands, so he thinks they will continue to advance in TNA.


He doesn’t think their success has anything to do with the Aces and Eights storyline, and who knows if they will have something to do with it in the future.  At present, they are a completely different story.  TNA has a good history with outstanding tag teams like AMW and Beer Money, because they allow them to shine.  Tag teams will flourish when there is one team that everyone wants to challenge and set their sights on, and they will be that team.  He’s sure there will be plenty of teams lining up to get beat by them.



He would love to be the TNA World Champion when the opportunity presents itself.  He thinks he’s closer to it now than he ever was.  He still wrestles main event style, and he can certainly perform on the mic.  If he never gets to be one, he’ll have to reconcile himself to that and be proud of his career, but there will always be that ache that he would have wanted to be the Champion at least once.


Chris admits he has become a locker room leader, and while his opinions are just that, he gives his opinions when he’s asked, and is willing to help out.
He is sometimes asked where his appletinis are, but he doesn’t wrestle under the influence, that’s just part of his character.



He says it’s just a matter of time until he goes to Australia again, and might even make a TNA tour of it.  He has always enjoyed Australia when he’s been there before.


The Claire Lynch storyline did not work out as well as had been hoped, but it did meet the main goal.  TNA was trying to do something more personal rather than professional, but in the end it probably bit them.  The actress wasn’t used to dealing with pro wrestling crowds, and he thinks she was surprised by the fan reactions and didn’t expect what happened.  It did succeed in making AJ Styles look more virtuous, and Daniels and Kazarian more dastardly.  In the end, AJ was the hero, and they were the bad guys, and that was what they were aiming for, so it succeeded on that level.


He said he and Kaz are naturally sarcastic, and are like the Statler and Waldorf of TNA.  They enjoy playing off their natural snarkiness every week.


Daniels and Kazarian have put their entire mindset into making this team work.  When he was in teams before, such as with AJ Styles, they put their minds into it, but TNA felt that they would be better as singles, so those teams didn’t get to the level he is


Hernandez’ greatest success is when he’s part of a team, such as with Homicide, and now Chavo is the ring general, but they are not on fire the way he and Frankie are.  On Sunday, they will get their belts back from Hernandez and Chavo.



Two guys who are just one win away from being “that guy,” a breakout star are  Sonjay Dutt and Kenny King.  If either one of them got a consistent opportunity, he feels they could easily lead the X Division to new heights.


Gut Check – he thinks it’s paying off in giving opportunities for new blood to break through.  He thinks Christian York had one of the best Gut Check matches.


Chavo is one of the unsung best in pro wrestling.  When you’ve wrestled so many people, the experience builds up until you become a locker room leader.  He thinks he and Chavo have very much in common in wrestling, and even though they had never worked together before, they did great together when they got the chance in TNA.  He is looking forward to Sunday’s match.


He is encouraged by the success of Austin Aries, and feels that if he catches fire, he would be given those same opportunities in TNA.  Once they come his way, it’s up to him to take advantage of them.


Since he has a background in theater, he’d love to get into acting and movies.  He had an opportunity to try for Moon Knight in the Avengers movie, but he had to turn it down because of other commitments.



He thinks it’s just a matter of time until Gut Check opens up to tag teams, and when it happens, he and Frankie will be ready to give those guys a beating.


When he was growing up in NC in the 80s, he was watching guys like Dusty Rhodes and the Road Warriors, guys who were much bigger than he was, so he didn’t think he could be in pro wrestling.  Later, smaller guys like Sean Waltman and Shawn Michaels gave him the idea that he could be a wrestler and use his speed and skill instead of size.


He rarely takes reckless risks.  The style of wrestling he does now, after 20 years in wrestling, he feels he could do every day, and there’s no reason he can’t keep on wrestling for years, as long as he stays healthy.


He feels that he and Frankie are just starting to be what they could be as a tag team.  They are just a year into it, and they feel that they have much more to do and accomplish.
He is thankful that he has had many opportunities in wrestling, and has been able to support his family doing what he loves to do.  That’s more than most people can say, and he’s is happy that he can do what he loves.


– Karen Belcher




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