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Mia Svensson vs Alexis Parrish

Presented By The PGWA and AIWF



Two top fighters joined the roster of PGWA talent this past weekend as the ever popular Mia Svensson took on Alexis Parrish. There is really bitter feelings between these two young wrestlers. It certainly showed in the ring action as they battled to settle some scores. Even after the match, wrestlers in the locker room had to make sure these two didn’t tear into each other after their inital fight.

The fans certainly want to see them in action again.

AIW and PGWA officials appreciated the competition and the fans really enjoyed the rough battle that took place when these two climbed thru the ropes. The ref had his hands full even though the match was pretty clean. At some points during the match these wrestlers turned into fighters with the number of fists and forearms they were throwing.

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Addy Miller to Make History in the Ring


History will be made on Saturday, December the 8th when “Walking Dead” actress Addy Miller, age 12, steps into the ring to become the youngest verified female pro wrestler in U.S. history!


On Saturday, December the 8th, history will be made.


We'd love to say that will be the day that a cure for autism will be found, 
but that would be hoping for too much.  But along those lines, at least we 
will be able to say that, through the generosity of fans and the North Carolina 
Wrestling Association, money will be raised for the Autism Society of North 
Carolina, and that public awareness of autism will be raised, if ever so slightly.

No, the history that will be made is when Addy Miller steps into the ring to wrestle.  
Addy is an actress who has become a horror icon with her small but startling role 
in the very first episode of AMC'S "The Walking Dead". The producers of the smash 
hit show have gone on record as saying that Addy's scene helped set the whole 
successful tone for the entire series.

A celebrity stepping into the ring is hardly a new phenomenon.  What makes 
this instance both remarkable and historic is that Addy is a mere 12 years old.  
By all verified accounts, she will be the youngest female professional 
wrestler in American history!

The roots of this incredible development go back several months, to the 4th 
Annual Ivan Koloff Tag Team Tournament, hosted by the NCWA in February.  Addy, a 
North Carolina native, was invited to attend as a celebrity guest.  
During the match between Louis Moore and George South versus Jerry Lawler and 
Jimi Love, the referee was accidentally knocked unconscious and unable to count 
when Lawler pinned South to the mat.

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