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Michael Manna Signs With Eclectic Media Productions



Michael Manna Signs With Eclectic Media Productions

(Tampa, FL) December 10 – Eclectic Media Productions is pleased to announce the signing of Michael Manna.


Michael Manna, for the past 22 years, has enjoyed success in the professional wrestling business as “Stevie Richards”. He has held over 50 titles in his career, including the WWE Hardcore Championship a record-breaking 22 times, the ECW World Tag Team Championship twice and the NWA National Heavyweight Championship once. However, even throughout the years with ECW, WCW, WWE, and TNA, his number one passion has always been technology. That passion for technology finally had a public outlet when Michael founded the T4 Show in January 2007. Michael also currently contributes as a technology expert to numerous national radio and television broadcasts, including Fox and Friends First.

T4, Michael’s current project, is a daily blog on all aspects of technology news including computers, mobile phones and consumer electronics. T4 collaborates with technology companies on improving products, as well as reviewing products and producing videos and podcasts for some of the top technology companies in the world.

Shannon Rose, President of Eclectic Media, states, “Michael Manna has come from a strong, successful career, and I look forward to helping him expand his ideas and success to the next level.”

Michael’s podcast is one of the most prominent tech podcasts on the web, and has been growing, since its inception, via Youtube, webpage, live network, and a supportive community of listeners.

For more information on Michael Manna and to listen to his podcast, visit:

Michael Manna is represented by Eclectic Media Productions, a National PR Firm.

Contact:Shannon Rose
Eclectic Media Productions
(347) 92-STARS or (347) 927-8277






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