Wrestling is Awesome Results


Wrestling is Awesome!


Boys and Girls Club in Troy, New York


December 9, 2012




1.        Mike Quackenbush defeated Jervis Cottonbelly by pinfall. The match was a gentlemanly encounter, which saw the two competitors exchange holds until Quack rolled up Cottenbelly.


2.       Oleg The Usurper defeated The Estonian Thunderfrog in a hard hitting contest, after the Off With His Head clothesline.


3.       Green Ant pinned Juan Francisco de Coronado accompanied by his manservant Hubert, following a splash off the top rope.


4.       Dasher Hatfield pinned Frank O’Rourke after putting O’Rourke out with the Suicide Squeeze. Hatfield and the crowd kept referring to O’Rourke as “Francis” which sent O’Rourke into a crazed rampage, demanding to be called “Frank” not “Francis.”


5.       Portia Perez pinned Saturyne when Perez used Saturyne’s momentum to roll through a springboard crossbody.


6.       “The Real” Robert Coleman defeated The Latvian Proud Oak by pinfall after a T-Bone Suplex.


7.       “The Party Peacock” Dalton Castle pinned JAKA with a bridging German Suplex.


8.       The Devastation Corporation with their manager Sydney Bakabella defeated 3.0 by pinfall, when Max Smashmaster crushed Scott Parker with a Big Splash off the top rope. After the match, 3.0 got after Bakabella before he escaped and left with his team.




*Wrestling is Awesome returns to the Albany area on March 2, 2013. Visit WIAwesome.com for more information.





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