Pippa’s Vigorous Workout


We’re often asked what sort of training and conditioning wrestlers undergo.  Well, who better to supply the answer to that than a woman who is not only a former PGWA Champion, but also one of the top wrestlers in Europe today?



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:: SB #87 ::

Tyler vs Natasha

“Russian Sees Red”

From Russia with…well, not love, that’s for sure!

Rasslin’ redhead Tyler returns to the Belles at last, just in time to face what might be her toughest challenge.   Natasha, a Russian blonde with ice water in her veins, has come to the U.S. specifically to challenge the Queen of the Southern Belles.

During the intro, the blonde dismisses the announcer with a stern, “I don’t care about introduction, I am just here to beat Tyler’s ass.”  And while her English might be shaky, rest assured, Natasha’s wrestling skills are First Class!

Of course, Tyler hasn’t become the legend she is by being anything less than a champion.   What ensues is an incredible struggle between two amazingly talented, iron-willed athletes that will long rank as one of the best bouts in Southern Belles amateur wrestling history!

This is a multi-fall, long count match that forces both wrestlers to give 100%!

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