Saturday 1 December 2012

by Mark Lockey


Referee: Paul Steel
MC: Brett Linforth
Corner Men: Chris and Andy
PA (Sound) Andy
Camera: Andrew




A festive gathering at the Wrestling Factory for "Winter Wars", the final show of 2012.
A nice touch today with tinsel, lights and a tree decorating the arena and ring with yet another impressive audience turnout.
This was a UK based element with wrestlers from Scotand and England competing today.

Pro Style Match: 
Shelby Beach vs Danni Brookes:

The first match of the day brought together crowd favourite: The Blonde Bombshell - Shelby Beach against Danni Brookes, 
from the North East. Shelby placed a firm armlock on Ms. Brookes that was rapidly reversed. The blonde looked in a 
determined mood and was keen to start the show off with a bang. She forced Danni to the floor, but, she instantly 
manoeuvred out. Danni started to find her way applying a camel clutch, bridged out by Shelby who then placed the 
brunette into the turnbuckle - upside down!  Shelby appeared to be taking control, after applying a chin lock followed 
up by a facebuster she exclaimed: "I could sit here all day". After a vicious blow to Danni's back, Shelby began working 
on her legs. A body slam from the Wigan lady was compounded by forcing the splits onto Danni who saved herself via use 
of the ropes. Danni's fierce resistance looked to be frustrating Shelby who was then the victim of a choke hold. Ms 
Brookes appeared disorientated after a spectacular aeroplane spin.
With 1 minute of the match remaining a submission was gained to conclude the match - A lively opener to today's card !

Mat Based Contest: 
Pippa L'Vinn vs Jenna:

The first mat based match of the show brought together Britain's finest wrestler: Pippa L'Vinn  - who also amazed us 
all with the quickest transformation ever from Mother Christmas into Mat Based Wrestler! Pippa looked stunning in 
her two piece top and briefs. Show newcomer Jenna, from Greater Manchester, also looked striking in her purple bikini 
and fishnet tights. Pippa soon told the audience "she's strong" after the pair first got to grips. Jenna responded with 
a headlock on Pippa who then threatened to gain the upper hand "I hate wrigglers! " she exlclaimed.  The powerful show 
host won the first submission. Jenna really had been thrown into a Baptism of Fire but, equalised with a submission.
At 1 fall each Pippa looked in a determind mood to seize the advantage over the bright newcomer. Her speed and application 
of holds were a delight to witness as her full repertoire was unleashed on Jenna.
The December chill was soon banished with the heat of this bout. This epic mat battle ended with one lady victorious 
in a final scoreline of 6-2.

Mat Based Contest: 
Dynamo vs Kyra

Next up, another mat based contest with London's Dynamo taking on Kyra, who made her debut at this show at the 
festive event last year:
Dynamo always loves to invole the crowd and, is very vocal throughout her matches "I have a blonde to play with". 
She won the first 3 count in 25 seconds of the opening bell. Kyra, undeterred by this early setback started to 
pull out some nice moves herself  Dynamo, looked very festive with her Santa Claus outfit consisting of red bra, 
skirt and matching knickers. Kyra soon had Dynamo in trouble with some strong looking leg holds "Dream On" was 
Dynamo's response.
This bout was much more restrained than the previous mat match but, no less enjoyable.
Both girls clearly enjoyed the encounter; Dynamo heaping praise on her opponent with comments such as 
"You're stronger than you look".
The match continued in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with great leg work from both combatants.
With less than 1 minute remaining, one lady emerged victorious with a 4-1 score.

Pro. Style Contest: 
Viper vs Bette Noirre 

A battle of the Scots next with the powerhouse Viper taking on Bette Noirre.
Early on both girls were testing each others' strength, with varying use of the arms and legs.
Viper applying a headlock, followed up by a slam to the mat. Bette looked in pain at the sheer force of the previous 
move. She was forced to the floor for an excellent takedown, then countered with a great hold herself, and, from this 
moment on, literally grew in confidence.
Viper tried to turn the tide of the match back her way, and, was then on the receiving end of a fore arm smash 
from Ms Noirre.
This evenly balanced match had both girls perfectly counteracting each others moves. Bette gained a 1 count with 
an impressive near pin. Viper retaliated with a 2 count followed by a vicious clothesline. Bette appeared to be 
weakening and was victim to a splash from Viper. A sleeper hold and KO of one of these girls signalled the end 
of the bout.
One hell of a contest with much mutual respect between the two ladies.

Mat Based Contest:
Axa vs Maria

Axa from Leigh in Lancashire climbed into the ring wearing a black two piece outfit and tights. Her opponent was 
show newcomer Maria, who made quite an impact on the recent DVD release: "Introducing Maria". 
From the opening bell Axa applied a Boston Crab and succeeded in gaining a 3 count in less than 1 minute -  
the second early pin of the day as with the Dynamo v Kyra match.
Maria did not appear in any way flustered by her knock back and soon responded positively with a smother 
to force the equaliser.
Both girls continued to try to out thwart the other and were forcing each other to the the mat. Axa 
then put Maria in a chin lock which proved too strong for her and she had to concede, making it 2-1 in 
Axa's favour.
This was developing into a very equally balanced contest with both girls of similar size and stature.
Plucky Maria was certainly giving as good as she got and started to enjoy the challenge that Axa was supplying.
A very high scoring contest with one girl victorious by 8-4, concluded the outcome of a very friendly match.

Pro. Style Tag Match: 
The Red Hot Mamas: Shelby Beach & Pippa L'Vinn vs April Davids & Kirsty Love:

A welcome return to the show for April Davids in her personalised two piece blue costume, partnered by 
Scotland's Kirsty Love whose stunning pink and purple hair perfectly matched her outfit. As with April - 
with her name on her top and trunks.
The Red Hot Mamas' ring entrance was greeted by thunderous and enthusiastic applause from the crowd. 
Both Pippa and Shelby looked like glamourous and sexy members of the cast of Baywatch in their red swimsuits, 
shiny tights and white wrestling boots !
Shelby locked up first with April. The blonde started to use her superior height advantage with strong hold 
of Ms Davids arms. A scissors hold was applied, quickly reversed by April who then received a kick below the 
belt - ouch !  April's vocal response let everyone in the arena know just how much that had hurt her.
Kirsty and Pippa then entered the ring and sized each other up with a few quick holds before their respective 
allies were tagged in.
April - looking cautiously towards Shelby - tried to out manoeuvre the blonde by keeping low on her approach.
Both girls applied body slams in quick succession before Pippa was tagged in by Shelby.
Pippa looked eager to get involved and stake her claim and exchanged a few furious blows with April, whose partner, 
Kirsty, looked on unable to defend her as the Mamas had cleverly steered the action towards their corner.
Another swift exchange meant that Kirsty took on Shelby who applied a camel clutch on the Scottish lass, 
before another tag to Pippa,
The Red Hot Mamas were starting to dominate the action as the crowd looked on, with everyone trying to take 
in the speed and craft of the two seasoned Professionals.
At one point in the heat of battle, Pippa even planted a kiss on Kirsty, to April's horror !
A 3 count was gained to end this enthralling match.
There was a "bit of afters" as well as April Davids furiously and, perhaps somewhat unfairly,criticised her 
partner for her role in the match.....  we were all left thinking that this could flare up again in the latter 
part of the show........


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