TNA IMPACT Wrestling Genesis Pay-Per-View press call with Kazarian and Christopher Daniels


This Sunday, July 13, at the TNA IMPACT Wrestling Genesis PPV, Christopher Daniels, with Frankie Kazarian in his corner, will face off against James Storm.  Today both men gave a press conference interview that may be the most entertaining interview in wrestling history.



daniels kaz belts entrance



Height: 6’1″
Weight: 215 pounds?From: Anaheim, California?Finishing Moves: The Flux Capacitor
High-flyer Kazarian is recognized as one of TNA’s most talented veterans. This TNA Superstar dominates the roster with numerous titles and accolades under his belt. He’s a three-time TNA World Tag Team Champion and a five-time X-Division Champion.


In 2003, Kazarian competed in TNA’s first-ever Ultimate X match. He was later awarded Memorable Moment of the Year. This match is recognized as one of the most dangerous matches in wrestling history. Having competed in numerous, brutal Ultimate X matches, Kazarian is considered to be a true wrestling veteran.


In 2007, Kazarian won the Fight for the Right Tournament. He also reigned as X Division King of the Mountain in 2008 and 2009.


Kazarian has been a member of many factions within IMPACT WRESTLING, but lately he has teamed up with fellow X-Division alumnus Christopher Daniels to form a powerful championship-caliber duo known as The World Tag Team Champions of the World. A true athlete at heart, Kazarian possesses a rare combination of speed and power that can’t be contained.


daniels-kaz entrance


Christopher Daniels

Height: 6′
Weight: 224 pounds
From: The City Of Angels
Finishing Move: The Best Moonsault Ever


Also known as “The Fallen Angel,” Christopher Daniels is one of the most accomplished superstars in the history of IMPACT WRESTLING. The multi-time X Division and Tag Team Champion is one of the “Originals” who debuted with the organization in 2002. He competed in some of the greatest matches in IMPACT WRESTLING history and has long been known to innovate and push the limits of IMPACT WRESTLING.


When Daniels started with IMPACT WRESTLING, he was part of the faction “Triple X” until it disbanded, at which point he started a successful singles run in the X Division.   He captured his first X-Division Championship in an Ultimate X match and held the title for one of the longest X-Division reigns in IMPACT WRESTLING history.


After a brief hiatus, Daniels is back to his old ways, now racking up more championships with Tag Team partner Kazarian. This villainous duo spent the better part of 2012 in a gruesome rivalry against AJ Styles. At Final Resolution 2012, Daniels defeated Styles in one final match, ending their feud. Who knows what the future holds for “The Fallen Angel.”


daniels-kaz in ring


Kazarian said that dropping the number of PPVs was a smart business move, as the market is now oversaturated with wrestling PPVs.  It’s a good idea to make PPVs bigger events.  Kazarian & Daniels have long been the workhorses of TNA, so they are used to working hard, and will keep doing that.


Daniels agreed, and said that the PPVs they do will be even bigger and better events.  Of course Bad Influence will be on all the PPVs, because if they weren’t, fans probably wouldn’t buy the PPV.  They look forward to doing more shows in the UK, as a reward for them being such great TNA fans.


Of course they will travel all over the world.  When Chavo Guerrero &  Hernandez stop defending against unworthy teams and finally defend against them, they will take the tag championships back, and defend them all over the world, as true world champions do.  They especially want to defend in Glasgow, which is the home of the Christopher Daniels Museum.  They don’t mean that all of the tag team challengers are unworthy of being in TNA, but comparatively speaking, none of them are as great as Bad Influence, so they aren’t as worthy challengers for the titles.


They work 25/8 coming up with ways to entertain the fans and make fans excited to see them, whether it’s appletinis, Zubaz pants, the man with the rear that makes girls cheer, or anything else they do, the fans love them.


There has not yet been a dare that they have not accepted from a fan.  “Fear does not exist in this dojo.”


They hope to go to Australia sooner rather than later, but they don’t know of any tour scheduled at this time.  Wrestling fans in Australia are awesome, but it’s not up to them to book a tour.  If it were, they’d be there now, “because the weather is delicious down there.”


Daniels feels confident that he has wrestled AJ Styles for the last time, having beaten him with his own move.  It’s time now for him to move on to other things, like Tag Champions of the World.


It helps a lot that they have been friends for the better part of 15 years, and it shows in the ring.  We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg as to what they can do, and they have a lot planned for 2013.


Frankie said they enjoy video games, but all those kids playing video games also “need to get out and run, and play, and be like us.”


There are no t-shirts yet with their witty sayings on them, but if you had a t-shirt for every great or witty line they have said, you’d have a wardrobe full of them.  That’s probably why TNA hasn’t done any yet – they just haven’t been able to decide which sayings to use.


Chris doesn’t need Kazarian’s help to beat James Storm, but Frankie will be there to watch Daniels’ back.  Of course Daniels could beat Storm on his own, but it’s Daniels against Storm & all the politics of TNA.


daniels-kaz studio


The comic book character that best relates to James Storm would be Mighty Mouse.


Of course they will team again and win the Tag Titles, but where is it written that they can’t also wrestle as singles and get every title there is?


They don’t make New Years Resolutions.


They love the UK fans, and they hope to get over there more often.  They know the UK fans look forward to January, and this year it will be even more of a treat for the fans, because Bad Influence will be on every show.


They have both been X Division Champions, and helped establish that division.  Daniels has a history with RVD, and who’s to say that he might not challenge him again in the future, as part of getting all the titles in TNA.


Kazarian said he listens to music like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Guns & Roses, etc. to get ready for a match.


Daniels is excited about the big new changes in Spiderman comics, and all the new writers they brought on board at Marvel.  He thinks Superior Spiderman and the new X-Men especially are exciting, and he looks forward to the new comics coming out every Wednesday.


They would love to see Jerry Lynn and the Young Bucks appear in TNA again.


It’s very satisfying to now have the opportunity to be themselves & talk more in TNA.  They are definitely just being themselves, and have had this talent all along, but were not given the chance to show it before.


The Frankie Kazarian Wrestling Hall of Fame is being planned for construction in Los Angeles and New York, and there are talks for locations in Boston and Chicago.


Bad Influence was a tag team name Kazarian used in the very early days of his career, but it fits him & Daniels much better than it ever did any past partners.


– Karen Belcher


“Genesis” ?Live on Pay-Per-View Sunday, January 13, 2013?Orlando, FL

TNA WORLD TITLE MATCH- 3 WAY ELIMINATION MATCH Jeff Hardy (champ) vs Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (champs) vs Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan

“Cowboy” James Storm vs Christopher Daniels

Christian York vs (winner of Kenny King vs. Zema Ion on IMPACT)

York/King/Ion vs RVD for X-Division Title at Genesis


Preview Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c as the road to the “Genesis” event continues! If you can’t watch IMPACT on Thursday night, remember to set your DVR to record it!


- “The Icon” Sting is back – and his war for revenge against The Aces and Eights is just starting! Thanks to the Man In Black, is it the end of the Ace’s reign of destruction on IMPACT? What does Sting have planned for Thursday night? Don’t miss it!


- As announced by General Manager Hulk Hogan, a huge tag team match is scheduled for Thursday’s broadcast as World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy and a partner of his choice will battle Austin Aries and Bobby Roode! Who will Hardy pick? Can Aries and Roode co-exist as a team?


- Speaking of Hulk Hogan, he has suspended Bully Ray from appearing on IMPACT due to the recent controversy involving his daughter, Brooke Hogan!
Was Hogan justified in his decision? Will Bully Ray accept his punishment
- or defy the General Manager? Tune in Thursday night for an update!


- The X Division Tournament continues on Thursday with Kenny King vs. Zema Ion! The winner advances to Genesis to face Christian York for a shot at the X Division Championship against Rob Van Dam!


All this and much more on Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c!




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