Catch Legends Radio this Wednesday, when Paul DeMarco visits with Dr. Mike Lano and Evan Ginzburg!


Mike Lano brought Andrew Dice Clay to his radio show with Evan Ginzberg (Legends Radio) last Wednesday, and Dice gave them 10 more minutes than the time originally agreed on as he gave the verbal that he was having a great time and being treated with respect.



Dice is in the next big Woody Allen film with Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and many others opening this summer that was filmed near where Mike lives in NorCal.   Dice also had that huge Showtime comedy special that debuted New Year’s Eve.  He’s touring the country right now and his comedy is invigorated.  ”I bring out all the old favorites because that’s what the people want.  But I’m doing all new material too and commentating on Twitter, Google and all this junk out there now.”   He was great, as was Paul Reiser a few months back.  Mike’s bringing wrestling great Paul DeMarco back to the show this week.


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