Long Island-raised TNA wrestler Bully Ray (and others) bare all

– Josh Stewart


Pro wrestler Bully Ray sits in a private room at Manhattan gentlemen’s club Rick’s Cabaret fielding a scribe’s questions while watching a pair of entertainers — 4 feet away — model T-shirts that, combined, might contain enough fabric to produce an extra-large onesie.



“I can listen with one ear and look with these eyes,” the Long Island-raised grappler reassures the questioner, occasionally interrupting his answers to offer play-by-play that would summon even guy-friendly Spike TV’s standards and practices suits.

On this recent night, at 41, he’s proving that he can still navigate the pro wrestling landscape as well as anyone. The next night Bully Ray was set to “marry” Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brooke, on Spike’s “Impact Wrestling” — a staged wedding that, like most squared circle nuptials, ended in fisticuffs instead of fidelity.

But Bully Ray, seeing a publicity opportunity, partnered with Rick’s Cabaret for a “bachelor party” independent of his employer. The event brought friends like old ECW compadre Tommy Dreamer and an eclectic media contingent — from legendary pro wrestling photographer George Napolitano to the salty-tongued questioners from TMZ.

After several photographs, Bully Ray and Dreamer headed outside with some of the dancers to answer questions for TMZ’s cameras. Dreamer noted that his friend was finally repaying him for Dreamer’s 2002 bachelor party in Las Vegas — set to follow an episode of WWE’s Monday Night Raw — that effectively was moved from a strip club to a local hospital when Bully Ray suffered a bad concussion in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

From all appearances Bully Ray was doing everything he could to make up for lost bachelor party time, even using one of the ladies as a barbell and lifting her over his head. Talking to a wrestling reporter just can’t compare, but the former one-half of The Dudley Boys/Team 3D managed to take a few minutes away from the frivolity for Newsday.


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By JOSH STEWART  josh.stewart@newsday.com




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