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I’m a Hurtin’ Puppy.

Katy Perry. That’s what I remember in the operating room. They were playing Katy Perry. With having had surgery a week ago, I still feel like I was hit by a truck. Everything HURTS. But, I find if I lay around all day, it hurts worse. I don’t know if that’s the athlete in me or what, but I’ve never been good at long periods of sitting. Moving as much as possible has been the goal these past few days.  I stopped the pain pills the other day and managed a little mini workout today (walking 3 laps and doing some dumbbell curls), so I’m getting there.

The day I got home, my dressings bled and leaked all over my only (white!) Egyptian cotton sateen sheets that I got for a gift from the late and lovely Georigann Makropoulis. I couldn’t wash them til day 3…  and no amount of bleach, oxyclean or spray n wash could clean them up. Not to mention, they were the only ‘stay cool’ sheets suited to living in a ballsac hot environment I’d owned after a lifetime in New England and Philly. I’m gutted.

Sponsor Alert:

I’ve been thinking… when I get my running shoes back on, I’m considering doing the Ironwoman Tri Fitness competition. I’d need a sponsor(s) for this, as the entry & training fees are steep (but of course there would be pix and progress reports each week). It’s held over an entire weekend and features a military obstacle course as well as a swimsuit round. If my sprained ankle will heal 100%, I am really up for it. Held in St Pete mid May. If you’re interested in being a sponsor, please let me know.


The last day or two I’ve kept busy working on little Valentines gift I’m going to give to all who want one next week. I’ll let send a note out when it’s ready.

I hope you enjoy the exclusive Drugstore Cowboy gallery just added. 67 nude photos – and a throwback MTV video I found myself in as well!


For those of you in the OH/KY/IN area, I got confirmation this week that I will be on the HorrorHound Convention in Cincinnati (along with the entire cast of The Walking Dead) in March!

Thank you for joining my site, purchasing from my stores and being a fan. It matters. :)

Kisses! April xo

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