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– Dr. Mike Lano


Cena Lip Herpes?, Bully Ray Crest White Strips, Psy a WWE fan


I guess the make-up person couldn’t hide that swinging big boy last night during his promo…



Bully appears to have had his teeth bleached with continued Crest White Strip maintenance for his major tv time as “Mr. Brooke Hogan,” and Gangnam Style tired singer Psy admitted to watching WWF/E when he went to college in Massachusetts (Boston B’lEy School of Music).   In a Rolling Stone interview he said “I was a freshman watching wrestling for 4 years… class was too early, so I didn’t go.  My grade was WWF-not wrestling, but withdraw, withdraw, fail.  I eventually bought some computer and media stuff with the tuition money and started to make beats.”


Going to have to call Bruno and see what concessions they might’ve given him because that was a major deal as V reportedly craved Bruno’s credibility for years – which is the reason they wanted him so badly “in there.”   I’m only guessing until I ask B, but if Levesque ALLEGEDLY told him he wouldn’t have to see or deal with Vince, B may have also wanted the same re: Pat, who he’s not been a fan of since the 90′s ring boy, etc. charges, and he’s talked about openly for years.  I’m guessing they donated to a favorite charity of his, etc, etc. or more than their usual pressure (“you’re really letting your WWWF fans down even though you’re in every other wrestling and legit sports hall of fame already”) because that was the one trump card he always had since he left commentary. NOT giving in to V, and not lending his credibility to what he at times felt was not a good company.   Remember his credibility in the courtroom for the defense, helping get that disabled jobber the verdict many years back, or I think around ’95?


Coming to do their HOF, whether he leaves immediately after or stays, is massive news.  This HOF without a physical home is basically about 2 things.  Besides 1) making the boys feel good about themselves is 2) primarily a money maker getting people to purchase the 3 DVD WMania box set, as one can’t buy the complete HOF ceremony on DVD by itself, along with any additional USA Network revenue for the abbreviated, edited show.


Also can’t wait to ask Bruno what he might say if he also finally catches up to Flair, who he said ran away from him the one Pittsburgh RAW he went to, soon after Flair’s book came out (which many felt trashed Bruno) to question him about Ric’s statements.   For any of us who covered, shot ringside during either of Bruno’s title reigns, he was incredible.  Bruno alone basically drew those sell-outs. And what a draw he was everywhere (L.A., Montreal, Toronto, Bruiser’s WWA, Atlanta for Ann Gunkle, St. Louis of course against Bill Miller, Dick Murdoch and the classic Race title broadway, AJPW for Baba, Puerto Rico, South America, etc.) in between his two WWWF title reigns.   During the latter part of Backlund’s nice run, they really had to spruce up the undercard with mini main events all over the place like Snuka/Stevens, Snuka/Muraco, Pat/Sarge, so one couldn’t always say Backlund just by himself always guaranteed an MSG or Boston Garden or Capp Center sell-out, etc.  Not criticizing Backlund, but no one could be Bruno.  Not even Pedro, who Vince Sr. reportedly yanked, and asked Bruno to come back as champ 12/10/73, because Pedro was really only pulling sell-outs at The Garden.   If only they’d turned SBGraham and let him be a face champ for X period of time to see how well he might’ve continued to draw.


If the writers are smart (cough) they’ll have CM Punk do some kind of faceoff with at least Backlund, talking about his “great and long title run,” as though he’s even in the league with Bruno, Backlund or even Pedro.   Sorry, he ain’t, and times have changed.


All the above, just my opinion…  I could be wrong.


– Dr. Mike Lano




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