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WWNLive Alerts – Feb. 8th, 2013 Edition!

Book It Cam: AR Fox At National Pro Wrestling Day
Book It Cam: AR Fox At National Pro Wrestling Day
It’s been a little while since we had a WWNLive Alerts, but that’s not because we haven’t been busy. In fact, we have been having major discussions about the future of EVOLVE and DGUSA. We will start to unveil some of the results of those meetings in this WWNLive Alerts including a significant change to EVOLVE. We also have talent for WrestleCon including breaking news on the EVOLVE Title Tournament, the return of the Weekly Special and more. We know your time is valuable so let’s get to it….
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February 8th: The tournament on April 5th to crown the first EVOLVE Champion at WrestleCon will be the start of a new chapter for EVOLVE. Officials have taken this as an opportunity to take an honest look at EVOLVE and decide what is working and what needs adjustments. We have broken everything down into bullet points for you:
-EVOLVE will abandon the Records and Leaderboard concept after April 5th. Here is a statement from EVOLVE Booker Gabe Sapolsky about the change:
“We believe the Records concept can work under the right conditions, but we were never able to get those conditions. We would need monthly shows with a set talent roster to really showcase the strength and importance of keeping Records. If we are able to get a consistent schedule and roster like this one day, we will look at putting all the importance on Records again. The original idea was to give the Leaderboard the same importance as championships. Let’s face it, the leaderboard never caught on like that. Now that we are crowning a champion, we have a title holder to base everything around. We will still keep the sports feel of EVOLVE, but now everything will be centered around the champion.”
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-For those of you that followed the EVOLVE Records, there will be a payoff. The blowoff to the concept will be the seeding of the EVOLVE Title Tournament on April 5th. Those with the best Records will be rewarded with an easier path to the title.

-EVOLVE will still put heavy emphasis on wins and losses. There are different ideas being discussed now on how to do this.
-The theme of EVOLVE will be the promotion for wrestlers who wish to evolve professional wrestling. We will expand on this soon.
-EVOLVE will still put all the emphasis on in ring action. This means that EVOLVE will still follow the inherent rules of sportsmanship. If it would get someone suspended, fined or banned in boxing or MMA, it will do the same in EVOLVE. This includes physical contact before and after the bell, physical contact with officials and interference.
-EVOLVE will award a competitor their own entrance music when they become established on the EVOLVE roster or if they come into EVOLVE with a prestigious resume.
-Basically, EVOLVE will still put all the emphasis on furthering the sport of pro wrestling, but now instead of all the emphasis being on Records it will be on the EVOLVE Championship.
February 8th: We appreciate your support. The Records concept was very important to the first 18 EVOLVE cards. It all leads to the EVOLVE Title Tournament where Records will determine the seeding. This will be the blowoff to the Records concept. The top three seeds in the EVOLVE Title Tournament on April 5th are:
#1 Seed (1st round bye): Chuck Taylor (10-5)
#2 Seed (1st round bye): Ricochet (5-2)
#3 Seed: AR Fox (7-6)
February 8th: We can confirm some matches for the EVOLVE Title Tournament. In the first bracket, AR Fox will face the #4 seed (to be announced next week) in a first round match. The winner of that match will then wrestle Ricochet. The winner of that bout will then go to the finals.
The second bracket will have a Four Way Freestyle as the first round match. Samuray Del Sol (2-3) and Sami Callihan (3-7) are the first two entrants in that bout (the complete match will be announced next week). The winner of that match will then fight Chuck Taylor. The winner of that contest will go to the finals.
February 8th: We can also confirm that there will be non-tournament action with The Young Bucks, The Super Smash Brothers, Uhaa Nation and many others to be signed on the April 5th EVOLVE card. We will have much more info next week.
February 8th: Dragon Gate USA is set for action at WrestleCon on April 6th at night and then April 7th with a special matinee show. We are still waiting for the Dragon Gate talent list to be finalized before we put the cards together. We can confirm for both DGUSA cards now:
-Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano
-AR Fox
-The Young Bucks
-Samuray Del Sol
-Sami Callihan
-Jon Davis
-The Super Smash Brothers
-Chuck Taylor
-Uhaa Nation
-Christina Von Eerie
-Plus many others to be added!!!
February 8th: Tickets for EVOLVE and DGUSA April 5th-7th in Secaucus, NJ, just a few minutes from the site of WrestleMania, are now on sale at or by calling 267-519-9744.
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February 8th: SHINE returns to action on February 22nd from Ybor City, FL. Get tickets at or watch on live iPPV at for a loaded lineup featuring Amazing Kong vs. Rain in a grudge match main event. Leva Bates vs. Kimberly in a Last Woman Standing Match has also been signed. Remember, the iPPV is cheaper if you pre-order before the day of the show.

February 8th: The Weekly Special is back!!! You voted DGUSA Open The Golden Gate 2012 as the DGUSA/EVOLVE Show Of The Year in our awards. If you haven’t seen it yet, we have a great offer for you. The DVD and iPPV of this event are now marked down to just $10 each so you can own our Show Of The Year. See the loaded card featuring CIMA & Ricochet vs. Masaaki Mochizuki & Jimmy Susumu in a cutting-edge battle for the DGUSA Tag Team Titles, PAC vs. Akira Tozawa in a match of the year candidate, Sami Callihan vs. AR Fox in a violent Tables Match, Naruki Doi vs. Masato Yoshino in a pure wrestling classic, The Young Bucks return vs. Chuck Taylor & Scorpio Sky, Low Ki vs. BxB Hulk and more. It was voted the show of the year by the fans so you know you will easily get your money’s worth. Act now, because it will be just $10 on DVD and iPPV until February 15th. No codes are needed as the price is already marked down. Go here to order unlimited access to the iPPV or click here to order the DVD for immediate delivery.
February 8th: Thank you for taking the time to read this WWNLive Alerts. We’ll be back when we have match announcements for WrestleCon. Have a great weekend!
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