“We put smiles on faces” just in a bullying faux climate… “Like No Business I Know”(trademark) Newsletter….

– Dr. Mike Lano


Lano’s “Like No Business I Know” or “Not Necessarily The News”


So calculating and obvious to anyone save the general public.  The product, as pro wrestling has to be, is about dominance, revenge, bullying and a lot of negative shit.  That’s just wrestling and as always, stating the obvious.



But for them to put a smiley public spin on what they really are is patently disingenuous.


C’mon, and in some respects Tammy at least might’ve been right when she gave her opinion on all things Stamfordo, CT recently.


Like the “SmackDown Your Vote” thing came about when Linda McMahon was running for orifice.  The stay in school, help kids read stuff, all of these things feel like they have a decidedly ulterior, obvious motive.  Public attempts to ingratiate themselves as in “we’re ok, we’re ok to watch, we’re not a bad influence on kids & possibly violent people who can’t just vicariously wring one out,” etc, etc, etc.  That’s where the Orwellian scare comes in.  Is anyone actually there at “Le Towers” buying that stuff?  Maybe to the brainwashed few or many.


*Also wonder why the % of working women who leave “the company” has been at a high the last few years: Lita, Trish, the Go Daddy gal no one remembers now, the two redheads (so one’s an announcer for the competition), Beth Phoenix, overacting Eve y mucha mas.  If they ever lose Nattie N, they won’t have one true female worker there in what I’ve patented as “Silicone Valley.”  
Mucha in, mucha out. So, que es mas macha?


Just my op.  I could be wrong.  I won’t be if they put in any goof celebs, etc. to what they should close off right now as a very good “HOF” group in Bruno, Backlund, Mick and Trish.  Leaving it at those 4 would do more to shove their “we’re credible now, at least where HOFs go” gaviola down people’s throats.  Until I talk to Bruno and get his side (Meltz did), it feels a bit like their “HOF” resembles the Yankees.  Money often gets one (VKM) what one (VKM) wants.  But Bruno, Backlund and Mick are pretty damn good.  And Trish certainly worked very hard to transform herself from a fitness model into the WWF/E prototype sports entertainer of today and she was doing well in Yoga once she left The Whiff, and well before DDP.


*On a legit note, local NorCal tv news did yet another piece on that Oakland A’s player (now with a giant, Brian Wilson scruffy beard) who carries his “WWE fake championship belt around with him in spring training.”  It’s pretty funny and he alternates wrestling entrance music whenever he’s been coming up to bat lately.


– Dr. Mike Lano


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