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Hi. To clear up some misconceptions, I pulled together a list of the most, uh…  interesting questions I tend to get. I’m a model. I get paid (some days…  others it’s just for content trade) to play a part. Some jobs are fun. Others are just work.

Like any actor in the  movies or the wrestling ring, I can play a stalker. A bitch. A wife. A dominatrix. Heel or babyface. Whatever they need, because I’m a professional and this is what I do. Versatility, evolving (and being smart) is why I’ve been working so long, while most models last 2 years or so and then disappear. I enjoy much of it, am very grateful for the work, the fans and the freedom…but there are times when some people don’t always understand. Or they overstep lines.

I share a LOT of myself with the public…  nudity and, if you bother to read what I write, what’s inside my head as well. So, I’ll admit that that makes me a target for many things. And that’s something that sucks, but I accept it.

However, who I am isn’t what I do. Who YOU are isn’t what you do, either. It’s the movies you watch, how funny or smart you are, if you take care of someone who needs you, how you spend your spare time, what you enjoy. It’s your character and loves, not what you do for money. And if tickling feet and wrestling others are part of that, then awesome. I think whatever makes someone happy that doesn’t hurt others is great!

Some of those FAN Q & A’s:

“So where did this bondage stuff come from? I would rather see you dancing burlesque in videos then that stuff – you’re too good looking to be tied up and tickled.”


Thank you! The fetish modeling came from Myspace & other social networks ruining all our income. Every girl out there was willing to rip her shirt off for free or take nude photos so she could call herself a “model”, so none of us who actually earns professionally to put food on our tables were offered income any longer. With fetish modeling being one of the few things left that still pays, I shifted gears and found another niche. But I still do centerfold modeling on the side. I just don’t get paid for it. It actually COSTS me money, since I have to pay for all the outfits/lingerie and travel to the shoots. (Which is why I ask fans for gift certificates…those help a lot with shoot costs.) However, it’s more enjoyable. And I like having the variety on for people like you.

“Do you sign the photos you sell?”

Yes. Is there someone out there selling their own photos and NOT signing them? If so, can we smack them?  I also mail everything out myself. I’m a one-woman gang.

“Do you like tickling?”

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Am I on the giving or receiving end?

“If I am a member, I can watch any movie on your site, right?”

YES. Anything that is on my site is yours to view. I also add several new videos every month.

“Will you wrestle me?”

Probably not. With the injuries I have & how easy it is to get hurt now, I only wrestle trained people…  even in fetish videos. Mostly.

A guy, at a convention looking at a photo of me leaned down for a Figure competition said this:  “Wow. How does it feel to lose everything you are as a woman?”

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? While I’m glad I have a variety of fans who like me from voluptuous to lean, I found this pretty (fucking) insulting. Mostly because of the insanely hard work and sacrifice that goes into competing. (Especially while holding two jobs, traveling AND helping take care of my sick mom.)

If it were easy, everyone would look good. Or at least not be FAT. Plus I have a hard time believing that ‘everything I am as a woman’ is how much bodyfat I’m carrying on my thighs and belly? The leaner I go, the more work offers (and hit on) I get. So, I think a few others out there might agree with my woman theory. It’s always funny to me that really obese people are accepted in our society as “normal” but the fit are gawked at & talked about like circus freaks. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? !

(To Be Continued…)

Thank you for reading. For joining my site. For purchasing from my stores. For being a fan. It matters.

-April XO.

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