All the Angles – Saturday Morning Slam

– John Willett


OK. WWE Saturday Morning Coffee Klatch is a kid’s show; 30 minutes long; and its main purpose is so that I’ll see Damien Sandow, Daniel Bryan, and Cesaro THREE (3) times in one week. No Dirty Dutch, though, so that was a plus!



My trip back to a long lost love is finished. And like any trip back to a long lost love, it’s just not the same as it was. It was different, yet strangely the same in some respects. Quite a few of the same characters were still around; the biggest surprise, of course was that The Rock was WWE Champion. Like he used to be. WAY WAY back when. Almost expected to see him wrestle The Undertaker at Wrestle…. Oh… HE’S back too? OK.


There were some new faces I enjoyed. I’d have to say C.M. Punk comes to mind quickest, then Seamus and Barrett. I liked Kenny King from TNA; Your Beloved Editor assures me that Chris Daniels is also the whoop-dee-doo, so I’ll take her word on it. TNA had all these wrestlers that were PRESENTED, but didn’t wrestle, so I can’t really say anything about them. I can tell you that if in fact the law firm of Bischoff & Bollea are booking, then watch TNA NOW, ‘cause they’ve already shown where their capabilities lie (reference: WCW).


As far as WWE goes, I have far more confidence that eight years from now, if someone were to attempt a similar Trial By Wrestling, that they’d still be able to see Mr. McMahon hobble up to the ring, and gum, “You’re Fired!” at some poor schmuck who would then kiss The Chairman’s withered ass in the middle of the ring in order to keep his job (AND The King would say something about it that’d make you spit your pretzels). Why? Because WWE is the reigning World Champ, and they built their team the RIGHT way: from WITHIN the organization. Their developmental promotions keep the skids greased with young talent; and EVERYONE in wrestling wants WWE money, ‘cause that’s the best money out there. Unless of course they don’t want to become “commercialized,” like some rocker wannabe that won’t change anything about him or herself because they’re artistes, and don’t want to sell out…  And end up trying to super-size your order with an apple pie.


So — I haven’t watched wrestling in eight years; I watch one week, and this is what happens; based on the previous two paragraphs, I know you think I have an innate prejudice for WWE and against TNA. And you know what? You’d be right. I will admit, there were some cringe inducing moments in RAW; and I faithfully pointed them out. However, after the three hours was up, I felt entertained, and grew to appreciate some new (AND some old) talent. By comparison, within the first minute of TNA, I saw The Hulkster, Sting, Buh Buh Ray, RVD… AND Brooke. Then we see Devon… and Angle… AND I find out the Executive Producer is Eric Bischoff. AND most of the actual wrestling was from sucky (the women) to a B (main event). Your Beloved Editor assured me over and over again that the majority of the TNA roster is younger and fresher. Which may be so… BUT THEY AIN’T GETTING ANY FACE TIME.  AND BROOKE (Dear sweet Mother of God) IS!


The real bottom line? I remember more of the stuff that happened on RAW than I do on TNA.


Where does that leave this Happy Wanderer (be the first to tell Your Beloved Editor correctly what I’m referring to, and win a Man Store of Bar Harbor coffee mug!)?  I honestly don’t know. I don’t know what the hell I’d write about; I don’t know when I’ll find the time; I don’t even know if after all this wrestling, I’m not even a little wrestled out.  Yet — I think about Cena/Punk, Seamus/Barrett, Sandow (I do love heels), even ridiculously stupid Dirty Dutch and Swagger. I also think of Buh Buh Ray, and Jeff Hardy, and Kenny King, and Devon (sorta), and maybe, MAYBE, Daniels.


You got any suggestions? I’d love to hear from you. After reading my columns, what would you like to see me comment on in the world of wrestling?


I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks very, very much for reading, and for allowing an old guy to turn back the hands of time for a little while, and visit an old love. Now, if Al Snow were still around, I could throw in a “Great Head” reference, and put this whole thing in the crapper!


Oh wait…  I just did…  Bye!


–  John R. Willett

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