Lano Column part 2 from CAC: Match Results of CAC 2013 Casino Royale Event!

Results from the 2013 Cauliflower Alley Club Casino
Royale wrestling show promoted by Vendetta Pro Wrestling (booker/owner/wrestler Billy Blade) and including the promotions of Gold Rush Pro Wrestling (ref Sparky Ballard’s Northern California group using primarily top APW stars), All Pro Wrestling, and Traditional Championship Wrestling (promoter/owner/wrestler Matt Riviera) from last Monday, 4/15/13 at The Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Beth Phoenix and boyfriend Edge honor their Toronto trainer in Ron Hutchison

Beth Phoenix and boyfriend Edge honor their Toronto trainer in Ron Hutchison


Vendetta’s Adrenaline Unleashed Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Billy Blade defeated Willie Mack (CMLL, Lucha Va Voom, NWA/Hollywood) to retain the title after a twisting neckbreaker off the top rope. Mack is one of my faves out there- so lightning quick for a big man. Billy’s been a great star up and down the West Coast too.


2. Traditional Championship Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion Kincaid defeated Brian Kendrick to retain after a belt shot in a superb match.


Ivory and Cheerleader Melissa Anderson, from the 2012 CAC Reunion - photo by Dr. Mike Lano

Ivory and Cheerleader Melissa Anderson, from the 2012 CAC Reunion – photo by Dr. Mike Lano




3. Pro Wrestling Revolution Women’s Champion “Cheerleader” Melissa Anderson defeated Shelly Martinez to retain after her Air Raid Crash in an excellent match and Shelly’s really come a long way. I have a shot of her debut match yrs ago vs both Melissa and Sara Del Ray when her then group, Epic, came up to APW from Los Angeles.


Melissa action vs Shelly

Melissa action vs Shelly 

CAC title def: Melissa makes like “Strongman” in fcarrying Shelly Martinez-possibly best match on the entire, 4 hour+ card




*Mick Foley came out to give a glowing tribute to the late William Alvin Moody a.k.a. Paul Bearer/Percival Pringle III.


4. “Double D” Dave Dutra(now part of APW’s lead manager and booker Markus Mak’s Pink Mink Ink heel group) defeated Will Rood to win the All Pro Wrestling World Wide Internet Championship.


5. APW and Sacramento star J.R. Kratos defeated Gangrel.

Shelly Martinez turned on Gangrel, nailing him with a low blow, leading to the pinfall. She was quite the screamer at ringside and had some of his “wine blood” all over her face. Think she and her once BFF Fifi the Maid are on the outs now since Wendy actually is “with” Flair


6. Vendetta Vixens Five on Five Elimination Tag Team Match: Allie Parker/Bambi Hall/Tab Jackson/Andrea the Giant/Santana Garrett vs. La Rosa Negra/Raven Lake/Melissa Coates/Sexy Samantha/Kat Von Heez.

Santana Garrett defeated Kat Von Heez by pinfall to win the match.


7. New All Pro Wrestling Universal Heavyweight Champion Adam Thornstowe defeated El Chupucabra to retain the title by pinfall after a Moonsault.


Legends who never met: Greg Valentine and Nick Bockwinkel

Legends who never met: Greg Valentine and Nick Bockwinkel


8. “Loverboy” Matt Riviera defeated great veteran B. Brian Blair by pinfall with a hold of the tights.


9. Gold Rush Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (and APW star) “Golden Boy” Dylan Drake defeated “The Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger to retain by submission with The Sharpshooter/Scorpion Deathlock. Younger is from Indianapolis and is a major deal in Japan.


10. Open Invitational Tag Team Gauntlet match for the All Pro Wrestling/Vendetta Pro Wrestling Unified Tag Team Championship:


Pink Mink, Inc. (Matt Carlos & Rik Luxury) defeated EGO (Nathan Graves & A.J. Kirsch) to retain the title. Other teams involved included The Freak Squad (Gabriel Gallo & Dom Vitalli), Cyanide & Vintage Dragon, Shane & Shannon Ballard, J.D. Horror & Sledge, The Wyld Stallyns (Julian Cash & Kevin Devine), the outstanding Bestia 666 & his dad (su papa) Damian 666, & The Suburban Commandos (D-Unit & T-Rent).


11. “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony defeated “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry to win the Traditional Championship Wrestling International Heavyweight Championship after a belt shot to the back. Lots of golden boys out there but no golden girls (waaaaa)


12. Main Event: 3rd Annual Open Invitational Over the Top Rope Casino Royale Rumble:
Sinn Bohdi wins the event last eliminating “Sexy” Sean Casey.


Other participants included: Rock Riddle, Brent Myers, Sunami, Mike Menace, Ricky Ruffin, Pali Prince, Tanaka, Amsterdam, Greg Romero, Dom Vitalli, Gabriel Gallo, Billy Blade, D.K. Murphy, Tommy Purr, Sabastian Ice, Rik Luxury, Matt Carlos, Mosh Pit Mike, Silent Warrior, Radical Ross, Suede Thompson, Joe Quesada, Tommy Misfit, J.D. Horror, Sledge, “Gorgeous” Michelle Starr, Matt XStatic, Shadow Fox, Whiskey Fits McIntosh, Crash Test Cody, The Manimal, Kid Vegas, J.R. Kratos, James Jefferies, Jack Hammer, Strider, Bruiser Joe, Johnny K., Kevin Douglas, Ray Basura, Levi Shapiro, El Tornado, Under Pressure. Rock Riddle, last years winner, went out 3rd to last.


Sinn Bohdi/Kizarney who won, gave an excellent performance and also a lecture the next day!


– Article & photos by Dr. Mike Lano


DDP presenting CAC award to Jake

DDP presenting CAC award to Jake


GLOW veterans still look ring ready

GLOW veterans still look ring ready




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