Ye Olde Canvas Cavity
By Wrestling’s Legit Dentist, Dr. Mike Lano


Last Friday night was back at the APW garage for a special “Lucky 7 Tournament.”   And if anyone wants to know more about “getting lucky” I suggest you run to Daft Punk’s new hit song “Get Lucky” off their new Random Access Memory cd/album.   They’re the ouevry French neopunk duo who have hidden behind futuristic metal technomasks so no one knows who they are, or what they look like the past 20 yrs of their existence.



 Save music legends Georgio Moroder and Paul Williams who worked on several songs and title tracks with them this year. sees this crafted song set to classic soul train dance video.  But for the real song/video of the group without sweeting to check out is:  where you’ll eventually see the little band play and move.  For those who forgot, Daft Punk scored the second Tron movie of 2 yrs ago and were nominated for an Academy Award for soundtrack and music.


Dylan Drake injures Matt Hardy's leg - photo by Dr. Mike Lano

Dylan Drake “injures” Matt Hardy’s leg – photo by Dr. Mike Lano


Anyway, APW’s annual Lucky 7 tourney saw Dylan Drake beat Will Rood, Matt Hardy debut to beat former APW Universal Champ Drake (but the storyline was Drake injured Hardy’s leg badly,  Billy Blade beat El Chupacapabra, Jekkyls and JR Kratos went to a time limit draw.


Reby Skye - photo by Dr. Mike Lano

Reby Skye – photo by Dr. Mike Lano


APW booker and awesome lead heel manager Markus Mak led his Pink Mink Ink trio of champs (sorta like the Shield got all the belts but well before) in Dave Dutra, Matt Carlos and Rick Luxury but they came out on the losing end to Suburban Commandos and new APW trainee and star Lewis.  Reby Sky beat Bushido’s Sarah Riley in a bit of a styles clash match as Reby’s more traditional pro w and Sarah seemed to be bringing the MMA, but they worked hard.  I think the camera didn’t catch the finish so Reby had to come out and do her finisher and pin her all over again. And I thought only WWE did tv re-takes?!  Reby does something (she of course came w/ Matt from N Carolina) unusual whenever her music plays at start and end — there’s some line about a baseball homerun and she swings both her arms whenever that’s said so it looks like she’s doing a home run.  Kinda cheerleadery but then she’s a former Miss Howard Stern and media darling and has hosted her own sports show besides doing LuchaLibreUSA commentary and character work with Mini Halloween, whom she married in storylines there.  Since they never got “a divorce,”  Matt will have to figure that one out.


Reby Skye & Sarah Riley - photo by Dr. Mike Lano

Reby Skye & Sarah Riley – photo by Dr. Mike Lano


APW current Universal (top) champ Adam Thornstowe pinned giant Paul Isadora (one of his original Reno trainees who’s been a pro for about 8 yrs), and Ego broke up (Tough Enough shoulda won AJ  Kirsch and Nate Suite) after losing to Dalton “Stan Hanson” Frost and his new partner in the former Mickey Jay (Kevin Michael Jay).  Billy Blade had help from everyone including scouting heel manager Mathew Thiel’s golf club to work over Matt Hardy’s “Injured” ankle to pin him and win the tourney.  That means he gets to pick any champion on an upcoming show for a title bout of his choosing.  Another great show and APW and Markus have a wealth of talent to pick from.  Many stars from UK Tim Thatcher to Oliver John and many others weren’t on this card as there was too much talent on it already.  Not sure if Mr Prime Time (MPT) who’s not at APW is working for Revolution ala Derrick Sanders, but he’s also amongst the Reno/Sac talent in way northern California.  Big angle is the development of returning heel APW manager Shane Dynasty who I was told, “has some ‘splainin’ to do for the crowd on his involvement for years in the horrific ISW where no one other than SD knew how to wrestle.”  He’s back playing face to APW head trainer and company face (for storylines) in Larry Blackwell, where they’re trading 5 star promos.  Shane says he’s back to help Larry make APW what it once was and more exciting and glitzy.   Nice character development and progression, and Shane is one of the best talkers of today anywhere.


Billy Blade pins Matt Hardy!!   Biggest win ever for Billy who trains & has a major promotion out here - photo by Dr. Mike Lano

Billy Blade pins Matt Hardy!! Biggest win ever for Billy who trains & has a major promotion out here – photo by Dr. Mike Lano


* * *


Just A Bieber seems to be channeling Konnan.  On the lame but guilty watching pleasure Billboard Awards last Sunday (primarily to see what would come outta Tracy Morgan’s pinhole),  Bieber tried to tell everyone in the media they could not report on/mention his breakdown, tour transgressions, fights, threatening to sue any guest to his home for $5 million or his monkey he dumped in Germany — “no one should speak on this.”   Huh?  What?    Who other than Konnan in WCW “speaks” like that?  As for promos being great, you have to youtube what this little asshole said in its entirety and his delivery.  Mike skills?  No way, Jose Canseco.


* * *


I’m going to write more about the passing of perhaps the greatest wrestler in UK history in the great Mick McManus when I sort things out.  He was right up there with the real Sheik (Ed Farhat), Killer Kowalski, Fred Blassie and the other top heels of all time in the biz.  Just an absolutely incredible ring technician who surely begat Mark “Rollerball” Rocco and others.  And like Karl Gotch, he was never the same after his wife of many years passed, finally refusing to eat the past week in total depression.  Mick left wrestling and the world a better place.  He made 70′s UK wrestling.


– Article and photos by Dr. Mike Lano

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