TNA Superstars Bully Ray and A.J. Styles take your questions and discuss their preparations for the World Heavyweight Title Match at the Bound for Glory Pay-Per-View event, Sunday, October 20, live from San Diego.



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The Bound For Glory weekend events include the Bound For Glory PPV, the popular Fan Interaction and the induction of the second member of the TNA Hall of Fame, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle.
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Bully Ray

Bully Ray said that the reason he’s so versatile is that he’s comfortable with what he’s doing.  He knows how to get a reaction, and how to get his message across.  What young performers coming up should do is become relaxed and comfortable, and learn to get their message across.  In this day of short attention spans,

He doesn’t believe he was ever held back.  For years, he was part of a very successful tag team and held titles all over the word.  When he & Devon had dpne all they could do as a tag team, they went their separate ways, and he has been very successful as a single.

He thinks his game plan is pretty obvious – retain the World Championship & have a hell of a match.  He always goes out to steal the show, & if you are going to steal the show, AJ Styles is a pretty great wrestler to do it with.  He can do it all.  His goal is to come out of BFG the World Champion.

The biggest challenge to him was getting into the shape he’s in now, as he believes he’s in the best shape of his life right now.  A second challenge was getting used to going alone after so many years of working with a partner.

The world has had good guys & bad guys ever since Jesus Christ & Satan.  There have always been black hats and guys who wore the white hats.  The difference between him & some other guys is that he can be hated on one day, loved on the next, and then hated again the following day.  In wrestling you need good & evil, but he doesn’t do just one or the other, he does Bully Ray.

He doesn’t know about TNA’s current financial situation.  He’s a pro wrestler, he doesn’t work in TNA’s offices.  He knows he gets paid a very nice salary to work for them.  It’s his job to entertain people and work in the ring.

No matter how he feels about Hulk Hogan, you have to say that Hogan is the Babe Ruth of pro wrestling, & he put wrestling on the map.  You need an icon like Hogan, and there is always a place for him.  Plus, he’d like to wrestle Hogan and kick his ass.

He has no plans to retire.  He is fully invested in his wrestling school, and works there as much as he can.  There is nothing left for him to do in tag team wrestling, so he doesn’t know why he’d return to that.  He has plenty left to do as a single, and has no plans to retire.

He saw Sign Guy Dudley in Las Vegas not to long ago.  He hasn’t seen the other Dudleys recently, apart from Devon.

He wasn’t shocked when TNA decided to hand him the ball.  He has always been in the spotlight; the only difference was now he would be doing it on his own instead of as part of a team.  He knew he could do it.   The tone of his voice, & the venom he spits is enough to make him the most hated, and he thinks it’s working.  He thinks TNA has the best lockerroom out there.  They have the icons and the work horses, the X Division guys, and the girls – they have everything.

He looks forward into returning to Scotland, and anywhere else he goes.  He got into wrestling to travel and see the world, no matter whether it’s a small town in the US, or any other countries around the world.

He pats Dixie on the back for doing what she did.  She’s always been such a “nice lady;” it’s about time she stood up and told people to go to hell.

When he eventually retires and no longer wants to wrestle, he has plans to enter the creative end of wrestling.  It’s part of the reason he & Devon opened their wrestling school.  He also would like to work with TNA to help build the wrestlers of tomorrow.

If there were people out there good enough to speak for the wrestlers, he’d like to see managers come back into the business.  In the past they helped by speaking for the wrestlers who weren’t good enough to speak for themselves.  He came up with some of the best managers in the business, and he thinks there’s definitely a place in wrestling for managers.

He looks at the Aces & Eights as any other wrestling faction – there’s a rise and a fall.  Right now it looks like they are about to self destruct, but maybe that’s just what he wants you to believe.  Maybe they will all be back, sooner rather than later; or maybe he’s such an ego maniac that he’s deliberately destroying them.  You may think you’ve seen the last of them, but maybe not.


AJ Styles

He doesn’t know what is going to happen with his career after BFG

There are things that cross the line, and he just won’t do them if they go against his faith.  For instance, cussing – he tries not to use words that are too offensive.

TNA’s ratings are the best they’ve ever been in the UK – he thinks part of that is because it’s available for anyone who wants to see it on tv over there.  The other company has more money, and they’ve been around forever, so that gives them an advantage – people just know more about them.

He loves working in the UK because the fans there are so crazy, and he loves them so much.  They haven’t forgotten that it is wrestling, & not just entertainment.

People want to feel like they are part of what you are doing, & he believes his story with Dixie Carter has fans involved.  The fans want the same answers he does, and that draws them in.  All the things that have happened to him personally, he’s been able to use them for the character he is now.  He’s going to go all out, and not hold anything back.  He’s determined and driven.

The roller coaster ride he’s been on with TNA, seeing people come & go, he’s gotten used to it.  Now it’s like, “Well, I’ll believe it when I see it.”  He never would have thought they’d get rid of the 6 sided ring, but now he’s happier, because the 6 sided ring is so much stiffer.  He’s used to the ups & downs so much that he doesn’t feel it anymore.

He hopes his upcoming biography will help people see that he’s just a regular guy with real life problems.

He wants all his fans to watch BFG, because he believes they will have one hell of a match.  He wants fans to say, “That’s what I bought that PPV for.”

Signing with Spike TV was the big turning point for TNA, & what put them on the map.

One thing that made TNA different from the beginning was that they hired guys not just from all over the US, but from all over the world.  They weren’t cookie cutters – everyone was different & had different styles.  He wants them to keep hiring guys from the indies and all over the world – they have to get those guys here, and to want to stay.  They have to open that door, and listen to the current guys who have wrestled those others.  One guy he has always wanted there is Delirious – it’s guys like that, who can wrestle, but are so different, that they need to get in there.

If they try to induct him to the TNA HoF before Jeff Jarrett, after all Jeff has done for the company, he will refuse.  He admires their choices, but his first choice would have been Jeff Jarrett, but that’s just his opinion.

The biggest thing that influences his choices is what’s best for his family.  Things may stink for him right now, but he trusts in God to get him through it.

His goal is to put on quality matches.  He wants fans to be able to say what a great show that was.  And about him, for fans to say that he gave them a great match.

He thinks they put too much emphasis on the X Division title not being as important as the Heavyweight title.  In the past, when they wrestled for the X Division title, it was the main event.  He doesn’t know what happened for them to make it less important, because that’s the match where anything can happen.  That’s not the match when you can go out there & get away with a bunch of chops – you have to put on something special.

He agrees with Kevin Nash that it would be good for the product if Jeff Jarrett returned.  He may not have always agreed with Jeff, but that was because he was young.  As he has grown up, he realized how important Jeff was.  He thinks Jeff can still wrestle, but he’ll take his return any way he makes it.

Having Kurt Angle back is a great thing for TNA.  He enjoys wrestling him, and he’s one of his buddies, so he’s glad to have him back.


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