I hope you had a peaceful holiday. I did…  I had friends make what could have been a very uneventful and lonely day, lively and fun. I got some neat Christmas cards and gifts, albeit late (today) but am going through them. Slowly, because of this:



I’d had the dogs inside all day for Christmas, so on the 26th I took them to the dog park to run. No sooner did I get Cosmo off the leash…he dashed halfway down the length of the fence…suddenly sat down, looked stunned and couldn’t get back up. I’ve been in and out of the emergency hospital all day and night since. They thought it was his back…then decided it was his ACL…then decided it was BOTH knees…the ACL for each. He is in a lot of pain, I’m up with him all night and he’s basically paralyzed from hip down for now. He can’t do much, including pee. Sigh. I have no idea how this happened. He ran a straight line, but they say Corgi’s are prone to knee and back injuries because of their long bodies. He needs surgery soon for both knees at $1500 per knee. I can honestly say this sucks. However, you can tell he is a wrestlers dog. And like a wrestler, I got him hooked up with the best pain meds gimmicks I could get.

So. That’s what’s going on. If you’re not hearing much out of me, it’s because I’m doing Cosmo related things, or falling asleep because I’m up all night checking on him.

Thank you SO much for the Christmas gifts and cards. It means a lot. Without family (and most of my friends are on the road in some kind of entertainment biz), pretty much anything I’d open would come from you. I don’t think I’ll outgrow that. :)
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