Part Deuce of my separate cancer journey blog

– Dr. Mike Lano


Just some thoughts along the way, no matter how long time-wise might be ticking away.



*Had some Uranium the other day and I don’t recommend it.  Sicker than a dog for days on end, but hopefully if anyone else ever has it, that was just my own unique reaction to that stuff used to hopefully shrink my own tumors down so they’re more easily removable and not pushing on and cutting off my windpipe/esophagus.  Lots of coughing and barfing.  Lovely.


*If you’ve been a longtime packrat, collector, etc. like me;  start pitching stuff now. Get rid of that shit. Donate, give away to someone who might be actually able to use stuff all boxed up in storage or the attic, etc. It’ll be helpful in the long-run to family so they have little to clean up if and when the bad day comes.  And although most of us aren’t Martha Stewart organizational whizzes, it’s never too late to try to emulate that, and it can not only take one’s mind of chemo, radiation or whatever; but also a sense of pride and accomplishment to clean stuff up and out.  A win/win for everyone involved.  That’s why most everything wrestling-wise in my will/trust is to be donated to the Iowa (again, formerly Mike Chapman) Wrestling Hall of Fame/Museum.  I’ll make some revisions so some stuff goes to Johnny Mantell’s taking over of the formerly Upstate NY one.  This won’t include my photos, slides, negatives, etc. that WWE’s Photo Dept once made a major offer for.  My family will retain those.


*Hit the gym, trails, swimming pool. Get outside if you can. You’ll make contact hopefully with others including non-human life forms. One of your best defenses against cancer and illness is keeping your health and strength up at whatever you can accomplish.


*Get your brand up and running if you haven’t already. Take some mofo risks!  Now’s the time because, well, because.


*Do things just for the fun and pleasure of ‘em as much as you’re allowed.  For yourself, your significant other and for as long as you can.  Go check out the new Universal Harry Potter land in either Orlando or L.A., all the new cool Star Wars, etc. attractions at Disneyworld, Disneyland, etc.  Go fishing, body-surfing, check out girls (or whatever you’re into). Be kind to animals and if you have one, show it some major love.  They’ve always been there for you and they’ll be there for the shitstorm that’s coming. If you have periods of time when you can travel, by all means.  Hit the road.  Make each day count and enjoy every second.  If you can hit a concert, go see your favorites.  Whether it’s Macca or Bob Dylan, Stones or Fwood Mac.  On up to Kendrick Lamar, Adele, whoever you like or have liked.  Go see ‘em if you can live.   Play their music at home super loud. Well, not after 9 pm because “we wouldn’t want to disturb the neighbors.”  But during daylight hours, I’ve been cranking up bands ranging from U.K., to Kraftwerk. Frank Zappa.  And for some reason, Pink’s new version of perhaps the greatest rock recorded female musical performance in Grace Slick/Jeff Airplane singing her lungs out ala Janis on “White Rabbit.”  Pink’s Middle Eastern take on the song is very cool.  I last interviewed Grace  about 3 years ago and it was one of my better radio shows.  Along with having Roberta Flack and Judy Collins discussing on the same show, the state of the declining music industry and their suggestions for improving things.  Judy is a total genius and she said she discovered Joni Mitchell busking on the streets of Canada and helped her get started professionally. Wow.  Anyone know how Joni’s health is lately after the stroke last year?  All of these are GURRRATE women (great).


*Be kind to others. Not just your animals, but other human beans. I live in a major multicultural NorCalif hub where sometimes others who may not have been born here (but are just as welcome) don’t return hello’s or good mornings along walks or walking trails, to anyone saying those words.  Maybe it’s a cultural thing emanating from their country of origin.  I’ve just kept at it and most’ve come around to “talking to strangers.”   None of us should be a stranger to one another.  Well, in theory.


*If a wrestling or boxing tv show sucks, turn the channel to something way better because life is too damn short (and for some of us, even shorter).  If you’ve got “the $9.99″ meaning the Whiff’s streaming network, go check out some 70′s or 80′s wrestling cards, shows, etc. especially if Bruno’s defending the strap against the likes of a Don Leo Jonathon.  Not sure how they (WWE) might measure their network ratings (if at all) but c’mon. The product was damn better, everywhere, back then IMO.   Maybe not for highspot city, superkick city promotions which are fun to watch on today’s indie scene.  I mean crap TNA tv primarily.  I just tape or pause that junk and fast-forward thru it.  Stopping at Gail Kim or the occasional thing of value to watch that but most of it gets fast-forwarded without apology.  Stuff that doesn’t get f’forwarded is Lucha Underground on Wednesdays/El Rey Network and NJPW with Jim Ross and Josh Barnett on Fridays/AXS channel.  That’s the really good stuff on cable.  But of course the top top shows (and you should be going live if/when they’re in your  market) are the incredible ROH, PWG, APW(SF/Bay Area), Evolve of course, Dragongate if/when they return, Chikara(same) and most all indies are worth your time as the boys/girls work extra hard.  The named promotions (hate calling ROH, etc. indies because they’re really not) plus Shimmer and Shine are just off the charts, and try to order their DVD’s, watch their streaming PPV’s, whatever they put out.  Because we can’t take it with us and it’s time to enjoy their superb products now.   But for aura, what can top Dory Jr/Brisco, Bruno/Spyros Arion, Billy Robinson/Verne Gagne or Nick Bockwinkel?  IWA tv?  The 70′s goofy Argentinian show with all the characters.  Any footage involving the real Sheik (Ed Farhut) from the 70′s.  Just treat your eyeballs.


*And while waiting the endless waits in hospitals, blood testing, radiation, etc. — read your newsletters (physical ones still abound: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Figure 4, Torch…  well we don’t have as many as we used to.  I miss 3 Count/ Alex Marvez, Wrestling Flyer/John Clark who’s now an on-air sports announcer, Steve Beverly’s Mat Watch, Shininomaki Post, Pro Wrestling Sushi from Jeff Mullins who sadly reportedly quit wrestling, Scott Teal’s Whatever Happened To?, Dave Scherer’s physical newsletter although he’s been a real king of top online reporting with his online newsletter, but I’m talking about his taking over basically of Arena.  Jeff Osborn’s Casette Wrestling News which was a sheet read audibly on an actual casette we loved to play!  Evan Ginzberg still puts out Wrestling Then and Now about once/year loaded with nostalgia and current haps too.  But I guess the blend from fan club 50′s to 70′s bulletins to newsletters had their biggest spurt in the 80′s and 90′s.  Them’s were the days, but you can still have them with the big 3 still around.  Or you can subscribe online and read them on an iPad or hey – are they on Kindles yet?


These are just my thoughts, opinions.  I’m not suggesting anyone do anything w/o first checking with your doctor team.  For me personally, if I feel like some sharp cheddar as in cheese, I’m going for it.  But that’s just me.  I did down a red-light food I’ve tried to keep outta the house as in a bag of Nacho Doritos.



Steph and HHH: “Our marriage’s been renewed for another(tv) season”


– Dr. Mike Lano






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June 10th, 2016 - 11:17 am

My thoughts are with you, Dr. Mike. Very good advice. I have been thinking of getting rid of my packrat things I’ve horded so the family don’t have to mess with it. Wishing you the best. You are a wonderful legendary photographer and a good person. Take care, Dr. Mike.

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