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– Dr.Mike Lano


Sorry it’s taken awhile to update what is supposed to be a “journey.”  Well, it ain’t no bloody cruise as Blassie once said during a classic Honolulu promo.  Forget about me-how about Holly Holm losing last night and that bleeding gash in the process on the side of her head. Yowza.  I don’t get why she and Meisha lost the belt in their first title defense.  Makes one appreciate what Ronda Rousey continually did-what, 5 or more title defenses?   Most speculate she’ll only fight once, maybe twice more now that she’s a major Hollywood star and pop culture icon.  Hope she does more than that.



Glad to see a lot of deserving NXT talent brought up in the “draft,” but man, that show last Tuesday made me wish for the hospital room again.  Hopefully Bailey (who was broken in right near me out here in Norcal under her Davina Rose name which I believe is her legit one) starts soon on the main roster, too.  Thankfully she got away from here thanks to Mrs. Luke Gallows (sorry I can’t recall her name but she’s a longtime in-ring star in her own right (maybe Karen can insert her name here) (Karen:  She’s the great Amber O’Neal Gallows.), promoter and champion for women wrestlers and a great person) and into Shimmer and Shine where she “shone.”  And quickly, deservedly got signed to The Whiff and NXT purgatory where her regular-person character developed further. Because the school, tiny promotion she was at wasn’t going to further her anywhere. 


Just stupid random thoughts:

Seems odd that a Gay person plus someone who’s so in tune with tech, could not only be a Republican but support Trump as well. But African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Muslim-Americans, etc. supporting Trump boggle the mind too, so there’s always exceptions to anything.  At least Peter Thiel was lauded here in Silicone Valley for not only bringing tech to the stodgy RNC but also reaffirmed he was gay & proud, etc. at the podium.  Two things (tech and other lifestyles) in the opinion of many, that Republicans kinda need to support.  Rather than “Make American Great” which is code for “let’s go back to 1959 again.”  I’m straight, but watch any current HBO Bill Maher shows and you’ll see what I mean.  Maher’s been nailing it in his coverage of this way too long and boring political thing.  Next week upcoming, he’ll equal-op it by poking fun at the Dems in Philly.


Still can’t grasp in the big pic how Trump got this far on b.s., hatred, racism, misogyny, the works.  Is American by and large, that stupid?  Just my two cents only.  Trump used to be fun in small doses like on the show, WWE’s show, anything he did in the 80′s like guest along with Hogan and Mr T on Pee Wee Herman’s CBS evening special.  But a no from me on this dude as Prez.


How much is Roger Ailes like a worsened Jabba the Hut but thankfully he’ll be outta power soon.  Creep.


*The stuff I’ve been getting to shrink my tumors so they can operate on them safely has caused major hives all over.  And I’m not supposed to scratch ‘em?  Only thing I can do is ice everywhere.  No cruise or party again.  But I’m survivin’ like this country and hopefully the planet will when I’m long gone.


– Dr. Mike Lano










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