Lashley hurts ankle, Boogieman burns corneas at Oakland indie show Stars of Wrestling last night (RESULTS)

– Article & Photos by Dr. Mike Lano

11/12/16  Stars of Wrestling    
Alameda High School, Alameda, CA 
(regulars are Lashley, Boogieman & Carlito w/ the latter not here for the first time in 5 shows)



*Bobby Lashley won the brand new SOfW championship  (they promote every 5 months or so in my Alameda/Oakland area & have never had a singles champ b4)  pinning longtime APW former champ in powerhouse JR Kratos  (who has pin wins over Chris Masters here, etc).


During the match, Bobby possibly hurt his ankle or was working it.  He stopped the bout entirely to rest for about 3 minutes, then finished the match (maybe just working it after all).  APW owner/longtime area heel manager Markus Mac pretended to be helping his longtime champ JR, but ended up clobbering him w/ the belt, setting up Lashley’s spear. Then aligning himself w/ Lashley & cutting a hellacious promo.  Lashley had teased a heel turn at match start when ref/promoter Sparky Ballard showed him the “in escrow” title belt & Bobby grabbed it and did the lucha thing of pulling the belt away/walking it backwards ala a Mexican bullfighter whenever Spark wanted to grab the belt back to get the match started.  After he pinned JR Kratos, Lashley on the mike said he saw all the anti-Trump protesters in downtown Oakland on his way there (that is NOT the route from Oakland Airport so doubtful) and said they and the audience were all “losers.”  I teased him backstage, saying “hey you spent all that quality time w/ Trump as his guy at WMania against Vince.  Maybe you can have him return the favor & ask him to rescind the election or something.”


Bobby Lashley on Harley - photo by Dr. Mike Lano

Bobby Lashley on Harley – photo by Dr. Mike Lano


He just laughed.  He & Boogie are close pals living near each other in Denver, as well as Leon White who Bobby likes as well.  Bobby was in a great mood last night as someone had a tricked-out Harley in the wrestler’s private parking lot, & I had him get on it for my camera. He really acted like he “owned” that chopper & laughed when I said “early Christmas bonus from Dixie?!”


Cryme Tyme recently reunited & want to get back into the biz regularly-posing for me bstage - photo by Dr. Mike Lano

Cryme Tyme recently reunited & want to get back into the biz regularly-posing for me bstage – photo by Dr. Mike Lano


*Cryme Tyme reunited (did 8 minutes of promos after “lifting” some of Super Diablo’s Dia de los Muertos masks from his gimmick table & then offering them to the highest bidders) paired in an impromptu 8-man teaming with SofW promoters Icebox (Robt Smith) & Tony (Hernandez) Fury to defeat 5 masked Sparky Ballard Gold Rush/APW Bootcamp trainees managed by another trainee in full “Rock Lobster” gimmick (Berkeley Brawler under the hood and silly lobster claw gloves). CTime allowed lead promoter Icebox get the pin/win after a Haystack Calhoun-type splash after CTyme had most of the offense.   All the small masked guys (one usually works as Beast, another El Sol, Onukau a 3rd) wearing Tommy Gilbert type goof kids Halloween type outfits simply grunted as if they were legit crazy people unable to talk.


*Jardi Franz (longtime old school APW high flying star) pinned Gold Rush Champ Bad Boy Boyce Legrand after a series of head scissors to retain his SofW Junior Championship.


*Big Ryck/Ezekial Jackson who moved to Silicone Valley w/ his actress wife in the last year was backstage but never intro’d to the crowd. He’s backstage lots at APW shows since he still loves seeing all his friends/the boys.  He asked me how and what Cody had done at APW the night before.  We offered him a dealer table, but he graciously didn’t want to take a dime from any of the actual workers on the show.


Former WWE star Boogieman here pins Johnny Dynamo ( Filipino-American West Coast wrestling star) - photo by Dr. Mike Lano

Former WWE star Boogieman here pins Johnny Dynamo ( Filipino-American West Coast wrestling star) – photo by Dr. Mike Lano


*Boogieman pinned Filipino area star Johnny Dynamo (who did his first heel stint 2nite acting like he could beat anyone – he’s barely 5′ & demanding anyone in the back w/ balls to come out. When it turned out to be Boogie, he ran all over the arena trying to escape.  Boogie earlier b’stage said he really messed his corneas trying to put in his showbiz, Walgreen’s HWeen type black contact lenses… his corneas really blood red, his eyes tearing. He was in total pain but sucked it up/went out there & did his thing.  Got him saline & ice & he gave 100% for the crowd (so no one could tell other than his trademark albeit dangerous contacts weren’t in).  I told him all tv news told people not to put crap like that into their eyes ahead of HWeen costuming weeks back but he hadn’t heard that & thought they were “safe.”  Marty’s a super nice guy & even gave out new WWE action figure sets free to several kids when he came out.  Still a great guy.


*Falls Count Anywhere: great area females: Shotzi Blackwell (Asian American wrestler w/ dyed green hair) pinned BTW champ Beatrice Domino (who does the Kaepernick taking the knee w/ raised Black Panther salute) on the hardwood b’ball floor after a dive from 5 rows up onto Domino who took a nasty headbump on the b’ball hardwood floor.  Like Boogieman, they went all over the bldg for this Christian charity event at Alameda High.  They used several women’s purses when they fled the wood bleachers to conk each other over the heads & had perhaps the best match of the night until Lashley worked very hard.  Both had black/blue marks & although they usually do normal female matches, they did great in their first hardcore-type match with weapons, again all over the place.


*Former APW star/trainee Grundy beat Ponce Prince & El Guerrero in a 3-way.  Roland Alexander had originally named Grundy after Solomon Grundy just as he named Venis DeMarco that after his fave area 1971 wrestler in Paul DeMarco when he worked the SF territory for Shire, winning the world tag titles here w/ Lars Anderson (great team as Dave knows who battled Patterson/Rocky Johnson/Pepper Gomez/Maivia various combos of the day).


*Suburban Commando Twins beat two of their school champs simply named “Caution“. The Commandos were trained by APW first-yr 1996 grad Joe Applebaumer & former APW tag champs.


Mas Notes:



Longtime roller derby skater since the 80′s & wrestling fan Jim Fitzpatrick worked this show as a heel stereotypic butler manager complete w/ monicle doing very good old-school Steve “disgusted face” Regal facials.


Stars of W is notable as having one of the most diverse locker rooms ever with about 60% African-American wrestlers, maybe 10% white and the rest Mexican, Puerto Rican and Filipino-American.  Berkeley Brawler (trained by Sparky) tonight in his “Rock Lobster” Gold Rush Promotion character managed a guy in full cartoon Leprachaun gimmick announced as “Shamrock-the illegitimate brother of Frank and Ken.”  Several of us laughed at that one since we told longtime 37 yr area ring announcer Allan Bolte to say that for fun!


APW promoter/owner Markus Mac said he’s finalizing his next big show & will tell me ASAP when he knows the date/venue hopefully for January.  He worked hard to book the Lashley main.


– Dr. Mike Lano





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