Thanksgiving is like sex. Preparation takes hours, the actual event can be over in minutes, then you argue about who cleans up.




If you came out to MegaCon, thank you! It was quite an amusing convention. If you missed it, I’ll have that Behind-the-Scenes Diary up on my site soon! There’s much to tell.

School started back up (my degree is in creative writing for entertainment: film, TV & games), so trying to balance that and life has been a wire act. It’s fantastic, though. We get to study films and the short stories which inspired them like Memento Mori, Minority Report and graphic novels like Maus. For me, being force to read is like a foodie being forced to go to food festivals. However, it’s a fuckton of reading and trying to fit that and work and gym and shoot travel and candle making and social media/promoting and emails and taking care of stuff around the homestead is… well, thank goodness for the chickens. Grocery shopping isn’t a priority half the time, so the girls keep me in eggs. For some reason I’ve gotten popular again (probably due to not eating much other than eggs), so I’m shooting a lot, which is good for me AND you.

I’m adding much to my site. My site has had growing pains for the past few months. Our billing company is being a pain in the ass with new copyright and compliance laws. We’re in the process of making a brand new site and doing that (all new content, building a great design and making it user-friendly) while handing the current site… switching everything over, making CCbill happy, dealing with Visa…honestly, it’s been a nightmare. Please bear with us. We just got over the CCbill hurdle this week.

I’ve tackled some custom video orders and still have a couple to go. If you’d like to order something for yourself, email me.

Speaking of customs, I’ll also be on Lucha Girls, Womens Mat Wrestling (Tampa) and for their Dec wrestling shoots. All three are different styles with different talent. If you want to book something, contact them directly!

My first fiction story just sold! I’m so excited. I’m not that great at fiction. I usually write in an essay style, as anyone knows from reading my blogs. It’s a short story called A Cross to Bear and takes about three minutes to read. It’s published in a literary magazine called Page & Spine, here:

I added a very hot new video on with former WWE Diva Chelsea: Body to Body Test of Strength: Chelsea Green vs. April Hunter.
Click the link to watch a preview:


New Members ONLY Updates Include:

  • Get in the Ring, Topless Boxing! Sarah vs. April, Round 1!
  • A New Opinionated article
  • Harley Quinn cosplay gallery
  • Pantyhose Wrestling video: Loser is tied to the ropes, tickled and stripped!

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