Shock and awe is exactly what WWE needed

– Mike Mooneyham

Not since Hulk Hogan turned heel at Bash at the Beach two decades ago or Brock Lesnar ended The Undertaker’s streak two years ago at Wrestlemania has there been such a visceral reaction to a major pro wrestling show.

Like those seminal moments in sports entertainment, Bill Goldberg’s epic dismantling of Lesnar in 90 seconds last Sunday night at Survivor Series was designed for a reaction that is sadly missing in today’s pro wrestling game. And that is surprise and unpredictability. Shock and awe.

No one saw it coming.



It was a gutsy move by Vince McMahon, but he knew the match was bigger than any finish. And it delivered.

Most fans expected Lesnar to handily dispose of a man 10 years his senior and pushing 50 years of age. Many expected Lesnar to at least tie the series up 1-1 after losing his only other match to Goldberg nearly 13 years ago.

But no one can deny that the finish of the match got fans talking en masse. Social media platforms blew up to a level that hasn’t been seen in a long time in the wrestling business. The buzz and fallout will continue.

Many fans understandably questioned the seemingly invincible Lesnar losing to a once-seemingly invincible Goldberg. WWE risked damaging the aura of its top star, who has laid waste to everyone in WWE who has crossed his path. But even seemingly invincible monsters lose every now and then. It makes the product more believable and more unpredictable.

It took just four moves for Goldberg to defeat Lesnar. The match was kept short, no doubt to not overexpose a wrestler who hasn’t been in the ring for more than 12 years, and to prevent a possible injury that might have marred this spectacle and put future ones in jeopardy.

Most of all, though, the explosive Goldberg’s one-sided victory was meant to put an exclamation point on a return that many doubted would ever materialize. And he did it with exact and decisive precision.

Lesnar’s contract is up next year, and few expect him to stick around longer. Arguably WWE’s biggest star for the past three years, he’s made tons of money in WWE (and UFC), but he’s been an infrequent participant at best, wrestling only three to five times a year. He fully understands that Sunday’s shocking loss will pay even bigger dividends down the road. He knows there’s big money in another match with Goldberg.

As expected, Goldberg has agreed to more appearances, and there’s plenty of time for Lesnar to exact some sort of payback. With more creative planning from WWE, there are a number of directions this story could go. And as long as Vince McMahon is willing to meet his big money demands, Goldberg will be willing to step back into the ring.

The former WCW superstar already has agreed for an appearance in January when he will compete for a shot at the company’s world title at the Royal Rumble. His dominant victory over Lesnar proved that he still has another run left in him, and 60,000 fans will pack the Alamadome in San Antonio to see if he still does.


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