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Apter’s mat memoir funny, poignant; Remembering the great Nick Bockwinkel

– Mike Mooneyham


Leave it to Bill Apter to come up with a title like “Is Wrestling Fixed: I Didn’t Know It Was Broken!”

For nearly 50 years Apter has been at the forefront of pro wrestling journalism. As well known and influential as many of the top stars he has covered over that half century, Apter has solidified his spot among wrestling’s hierarchy.


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Diametric Opposites
Remembering Nick Bockwinkel and Don Fargo

– Article & photos by Dr. Mike Lano

Sorry guys for being late with some personal thoughts on these two greats of the industry.


It’s been very hard to process Nick’s Alzheimer’s the past few years, let alone losing him the other day with Donny the week prior.


Both great in their own way but complete opposites.


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Remembering Nick Bockwinkel

– Article & photos by Paul Stratoti


Comments from fans and friends of Nick Bockwinkel, plus photos.


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Jay Youngblood: A daughter remembers

Mike Mooneyham


There’s not a day goes by that Ricca Jonas doesn’t think about her dad.

She was only three years old when her father, the late Steven Nicky Romero — better known as pro wrestling star Jay Youngblood — died on Sept. 2, 1985, in Parkville, Victoria, Australia, a suburb of Melbourne, during a tour of the South Pacific.


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Newsday ranks Ronda Rousey’s top-30 WWE Diva opponents

– Josh Stewart


If Ronda Rousey’s loss expedites her chasing her dream to become WWE Divas champion, who would she wrestle? Newsday ranked the top-30 Divas past and present we’d want to see her in the ring wit


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Remembering Don Fargo

— Article & photos by Paul Stratoti


Wrestling legend Don Fargo died November 8, 2015, after an illness.  He passed on not long after going into hospice.  We at ProWrestlingDigest extend our condolences and deepest sympathies to his family and friends..


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New York and New Jersey! Come see me on Saturday!! And if you love me… you’ll bring cappuccino. With extra cream. And a straw. Just putting that out there. Anyway, I’ll be in Queens for The Big Event Wrestling Convention from 9-3. Then JAPW in Rahway, NJ from 5-6:30. Finally, closing out with Warrior of Wrestling at 7p in Staten Island.


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WWE scrambling as Rollins goes down with injury

- Mike Mooneyham


The news only seems to get worse for WWE.

On the heels of Randy Orton’s shoulder injury and surgery that could sideline the star for up to six months, WWE was hit by an even bigger blow when world champion Seth Rollins suffered major ligament damage during a match last week during the company’s European tour.


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Lano’s Not Necessarily The News


Dr. Mike Lano is back with his commentary on the latest wrestling news items.


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Jerry Lawler, Terry Funk turn back wrestling clock

– Mike Mooneyham


It truly was a “Battle for the Ages.” Two of the most legendary performers in the business going toe to toe, in a final showdown, closing out a feud of epic proportion.


While that description could equally as well have applied to last Sunday night’s Hell in a Cell clash between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, this classic took place a night earlier and nearly two thousand miles from the bright lights of LA.


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