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Jon Stewart of The Daily Show confronts Seth Rollins on WWE Monday Night Raw

– Josh Stewart


Jon Stewart hasn’t even left “The Daily Show” yet, and is already finding new work — in professional wrestling.

Stewart confronted WWE superstar Seth Rollins on “Monday Night Raw,” the culmination of a back-and-forth that started when Rollins said on a previous edition of “Raw” that he could make Stewart’s show “watchable” by hosting after Stewart leaves sometime this year.


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Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Hall of Fame finds home in Myrtle Beach

- Mike Mooneyham


For the past seven years some of Mid-Atlantic wrestling’s greatest stars have been enshrined at the annual Hall of Heroes induction ceremony.

The Hall was the brainchild of veteran promoter Greg Price, who puts on the popular Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fanfest, an event that honors the stars of the old Mid-Atlantic territory.


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Relive Mid-Atlantic wrestling glory days with ‘Front Row Section D’

– Mike Mooneyham


They were regarded by some as the most dangerous faction in Mid-Atlantic wrestling.

They were a staple during grappling’s heyday in Greensboro, N.C., and routinely appeared in front of thousands of jeering fans at arenas throughout the Jim Crockett-run territory.


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Absolute Intense Wrestling: I Choo Choo Choose You Results & Photos

– Article by  Dave Muscarella & photos by Paul Stratoti


Feb 20, 2015

Cleveland, OH


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Absolute Intense Wrestling makes its 2015 return on Feb. 20 with I CHOO-CHOO-CHOOSE YOU!

Article & photos by Paul Stratoti


AIW returns on February 20 at 7:30pm

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School

Cleveland, OH


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Lano – 2Much Kanye, NotEnuf CowBell (or even possibly stuck-up Eddie Murphy on an OUTSTANDING 5+ hours of SNL…

– Dr. Mike Lano

Outstanding SNL 40 Year Special Almost Took A Day To Celebrate, or Too Much Kanye, Not Enough Cowbell


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PWD Reviews the VALKYRIE IV: Ragnarok Video

— Karen Belcher


Show date January 23, 2015
Woodbury Heights Community Center, Woodbury Heights, NJ


This show was different from VALKYRIE’s previous shows, in that they brought in a number of rookie wrestlers for tryouts, making for a fun, unique, but still high quality show.


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Upcoming Wrestling Training Seminars

– Article & photos by Paul Stratoti


Paul photographed some training seminars and reports on upcoming seminars.


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Jim Cornette to be honored at Wilmington event

– Mike Mooneyham

Few pro wrestling celebrities are more sought after on the speaking circuit than the always entertaining Jim Cornette.

Cornette’s appearances are few and far between, but the fiery “Louisville Slugger” will be in the house on March 7 at Coastline Convention Center in Wilmington, N.C.


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WWE feeling aftershocks of Royal Rumble

– Mike Mooneyham


The Road to Wrestlemania officially began last week. And if the opening week was any indication, wrestling fans best fasten their seat belts, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The rabid following that WWE affectionately refers to as the WWE Universe was in an uproar following last weekend’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view in Philadelphia.


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