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Dr Mike’s Not Necessarily The News:  ”AGEEEN, you obsolete mule

By Take a Guess


RAW is Gorilla Harambe/TMZ claims Conor/Nate “best UFC ft ever”/Lashley copied territory, Jeff Hardy entrance music sounds like 50′s Yakity Yak (time to sue)


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Attempted WWE fan attack evokes memories of bygone era

- Mike Mooneyham

Seth Rollins was just doing his job Monday night. The WWE star was cutting a heel promo in the middle ring of the ring to help set up his Summer Slam match with Finn Balor.

But then suddenly, as if out of nowhere, an unexpected guest crashed the party. It wouldn’t be for long.


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The Journey Continues (cancer still at the same stage, but slightly shrinkin’ or shrunk)
By Ol’ Dr Mike Lano


Think I mentioned that I’ve probably got so much irradiated chemicals and materials in me to help shrink the tumors (largest is 6 cm in diameter) that I’d set off an airport screening device.  Told the purpose is to continue to hopefully reduce their size because if they were to go in and operate (lay a flap, open me up) to remove them to date, “even the most skilled surgeon might inadvertently nick the nerves supplying your voice box.”  I’m sure most who know the mouth here might see my not being able to talk as a blessed benefit.  Like the great, missed Roger Ebert;  I’d still be able to tap away or write my thoughts.


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Interview: Dan Severn Tells All, New Book

– Chris Yandek


In a new interview with Chris Yandek of CYInterview, former NWA World Champion and WWE Superstar Dan “The Beast” Severn reveals he would have never had a career in pro wrestling or the UFC if he would have won the Olympic Gold Medal in amateur wrestling.


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Edited by Karen Belcher


This series is dedicated to our good friend, colleague, and kindred cinephile Dr. Mike Lano, who has been a steady and entertaining contributor to these pages. He is both our friend and inspiration, and we can think of no better way to honor him.


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Work or shoot? UFC star Conor McGregor sparks WWE furor

Mike Mooneyham

Don’t expect Conor McGregor to be invited to a WWE dressing room anytime in the near future.

The brash-talking UFC bantamweight champion drew the ire of the entire WWE Universe when he recently called the company’s talent some profanity-laced names unworthy of print in a reputable family newspaper.

And that just was the opening salvo.


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From Lano’s Not Necessarily The News:

– Dr. Mike Lano

VKM/WWF revisited on CBS’ Decades channel show again: NJ Senate expose, etc. in overall WWF look…


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Pat Patterson memoir shines light on acceptance

- Mike Mooneyham


OK. Let’s get this out of the way. Pat Patterson is gay. Until recently it was probably the worst-kept secret in professional wrestling.

But now Patterson has written a book about his career, and it’s aptly titled “Accepted: How the First Gay Superstar Changed WWE.”


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WWE kicks off ‘New Era’ with a bang

_ Mike Mooneyham

We’ve all heard the hype before. WWE promises a new show, a new network. a new beginning, a new era.

The company even instituted its second brand extension and moved Smackdown to a live slot on Tuesday nights.

In most cases, all the hoopla and ballyhoo have been just that.

But then there was last week.


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‘Gateway Boys’ help keep Mid-Atlantic wrestling memories alive

– Mike Mooneyham

For nearly 16 years Dick Bourne and David Chappell have formed one of the top teams in professional wrestling.

And that’s without having ever stepped inside a wrestling ring.


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