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Grappler’s journey through the world of professional wrestling

– Mike Mooneyham


Just a few short years into his career, Len Denton was ready to hang up his wrestling boots.

The money wasn’t particularly good, the traveling was grueling and his career just wasn’t talking off the way he had planned.

Tired of doing jobs for hard-nosed promoters and with little monetary reward to show for it, Denton decided to give the business one last shot in the Carolinas.



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The Great Ox/Doug Baker Remembered

By His Friend Mike Lano


Ox Baker was one of the more important figures in our industry.  I was very sad when I saw the subject like of Karen’s email a few hours ago – Ox Baker.   I knew what that meant without her writing anything else or opening it up.  He’d been ailing for some time now and had been on a downward health spiral overall since his most recent wife passed away.  Not just the Ray Gunkel or Torres brother death in the ring which he had nothing to do with, (just freak heart conditions on the part of Gunk and Torres) but which promoters for good or bad capitalized on in promoting him.  And for which he used the op to publicize his “heart attach punch” later shortened thankfully to “Heart Punch.”


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Rock gives Raw shot in the arm, but ratings slide continues

Mike Mooneyham


Even The Rock couldn’t save Raw.

The charismatic wrestler-turned-actor made a surprise appearance on last week’s show, and for nearly 15 minutes displayed why he was once known as “the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.”

The crowd erupted, the Twitter world exploded, and longtime fans reminisced about the Attitude Era. For a glorious – albeit brief – period, all seemed right in the WWE Universe.

Ultimately, though, it was just a fleeting glimpse of how great things once were.


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Remembering Cowboy Bob Kelly

– Dr. Mike Lano


Cowboy Bob Kelly was easily the biggest, most beloved babyface in Gulf Coast wrestling territory history.  Just got the news and more remembrances will come as he passed away just hours ago.  He was a longtime fellow Cauliflower Alley Club board member and if that was not enough, he was also president of the Gulf Coast Reunion board (their wonderful annual reunion in Mobile is for the boys only – I was honored to attend two of them since I’d jobbed and at the 1996 one, I flew with Ray Stevens and his lady wrestler wife Terese Thies who in turn had me drive the rental car from New Orleans airport, picking up Bob and driving in a downpour to Mobile where the rain suddenly stopped when we arrived).


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Flair-Steamboat produced magic in the ring

- Mike Mooneyham


The classic rivalry between Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair ranks among the greatest in the modern era of professional wrestling.

Few performers worked together better than these two during their legendary battles over a 17-year period.


A three-match series in 1989 over the NWA world title is ranked at the top of a lofty list.


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Jim Ross open to WWE cameos, but relishing Battlegrounds MMA debut – Newsday

– Josh Stewart


Back when the only thing you needed to watch TV was actually owning a television, a young Jim Ross looked forward to “Friday Night Fights” on NBC and later ABC, sponsored by Gillette Super Blue Blades and featuring the commentary of Don Dunphy.


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WWE not faring well in numbers game

Mike Mooneyham


The professional wrestling business is all about numbers, and right now the numbers don’t look all that promising.

WWE continues to struggle building its subscription base for its new network. The “only $9.99″ pitch has been overplayed to the point of annoyance, but that hasn’t stopped the company from releasing a song and music video to hammer its popular price home.


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Dr. Mike’s Not Necessarily the News

– Dr. Mike Lano


No More Hogan promos-bullet points written on his hand? 2 F’ups-”watch it on the WWE universe” the funniest that you can watch (I quickly forgot what his point was) on the WWE universe…”   that was bad and the second/worst of his two verbal f’ups in that brief promo last night on Squaw. Certainly they couldn’t have transported him in, paid him for that bit of lameness last night.  He had to have been doing it gratis (just being sarcastic) out of “the goodness of his heart, right? Nope?


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Remembering the Great Don Manoukian, Don the Bruiser: NFL and Pro Graps Star

By Mike Lano


Don was a multi tag champ for San Francisco and West Coast promoter Roy Shire but also had Japan and Honolulu tours, worked for Don Owen, Cal Eaton in Los Angeles and other West Coast promoters like Gene Kiniski.  He was broken in in part by Ray Stevens who both said were each other’s best legit friends.  Don used to live with Ray and his lady wrestler wife Terese Thies who helped break in Ray along with Frankie “Great Mephisto” Kane.


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My Two Arm-Chairing Cents

By Dr Mike Lano, Newstand Mag Columnist and Photographer globally since 1966


When any of WWE’s women or men are out for surgery, injuries, etc;  they certainly have been doing a poor job of late at keeping them in their audience’s mind.


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