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WWE, Wrestling World Mourn the Passing of a Warrior

– Mike Mooneyham


Days after the sudden and tragic passing of one of the profession’s most colorful figures, the wrestling community is still coming to grips with the loss of The Ultimate Warrior.

It’s a loss made even more painful due to the events preceding his death at age 54.

His final week was a script right out of a Shakespearean play. It had been a glorious week – the returning hero being hailed by an adoring audience that never stopped loving him.


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Power of the people to propel Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania

Mike Mooneyham


Today’s the day that many wrestling fans have been waiting for all year.

It’s the Super Bowl of professional wrestling, and it’s marking its 30th anniversary when Wrestlemania takes center stage at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.


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Painter puts world wrestling champions on canvas

Mike Mooneyham


Rob Schamberger didn’t know much about pro wrestling when he caught his first televised mat show nearly 16 years ago.

He was 18 years old, doing laundry at his parents’ house, and his stepfather was flipping through channels.

When he stumbled upon a station where “Nature Boy” Ric Flair was cutting a promo, Schamberger immediately ceased what he was doing.


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Fans will get out of their chairs for WWE’s ‘Signature Sounds’

Mike Mooneyham


WWE’s latest release, just weeks before the 30th edition of Wrestlemania, is a salute to some of the great sounds that have been produced by the wrestling juggernaut.

Not the sounds of broken bones and stomping feet, but the catchy theme songs that have become associated with some of WWE’s biggest stars over the years.


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WWE says ‘Yes!’ to Daniel Bryan, does what’s best for business; Sting vs. Taker in 2015?

Mike Mooneyham


WWE finally did what was “best for business” Monday night.

The Universe has spoken.


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Legendary tough man Billy Robinson’s passing marks the end of an era in pro wrestling


He was called “a wrestler’s wrestler.”

But that doesn’t even begin to describe Billy Robinson.


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Coliseum set for WWE Smackdown, Remembering King Mabel, and The Hulkster returns


The Road to Wrestlemania tour makes a stop at the North Charleston Coliseum on Friday night when WWE rolls into town for a Smackdown event.

Two of WWE’s biggest stars, current world heavyweight champ Randy Orton and former champ John Cena, will meet inside a steel cage to headline the show.


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WWE superstar John Cena makes wishes come true

  • Mike Mooneyham


Pro wrestling needs more heroes like John Cena.

Not heroes in the ring – where one’s on-screen character is meticulously crafted by company writers – but heroes outside the squared circle. Heroes when no one is looking.


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Mark Lewin remains mystical figure in wrestling business


Genius or maniac?

Handsome matinee idol or bloodthirsty devil worshipper?

Who really was Mark Lewin?

A new book on the wrestler, “The Multiple Personalities of Mark Lewin,” explores the fascinating life of one of pro wrestling’s most mysterious and complex characters.


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Time for WWE to give Daniel Bryan his moment in the sun


hat a difference a week makes.

Batista returns after nearly four years to win the Royal Rumble, C.M. Punk unceremoniously leaves the company, and Daniel Bryan appears to finally be headed for a top spot.

Punk’s surprise departure is the apparent result of burnout along with his strong conviction that WWE lacks long-term creative vision.

Nowhere is that lack of long-term vision more apparent than WWE’s mishandling of its hottest property.


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