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Photos by Dr. Mike Lano

WWE 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees


The Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Lita, Paul Bearer, Carlos Colon, Mr. T, and Razor Ramon.


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First APW show (after Roland Alexander’s passing and his booker Markus Mak taking it over) w/ amazing Drake Younger leaving to go to WWE developmental after 5 star match w/ Adam Thornstowe/Reno Scum

Photos and Text by Mike Lano


All Pro Wrestling’s (APW) return show after five months away since founder/owner Roland Alexander’s death last October.  His booker the past 3+ years who fully bought the rights to continue the promotion is announcer, heel manager Marcus Mak.   He found a great venue (The Bayshore Community Center of Daly City, California)  just blocks away from Roy Shire’s classic Cow Palace venue, and the event was sold out with 386 people for what is hoped will be the home auditorium.


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Not Necessarily The News

By Dr Mike


WWE Net should pay heed to Netflix stuck giving $$ to Comcast to stream properly, Hogan recovered OK after “Network”X2 verbal fumble last night…


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12 Years A Jobber (or next week’s binge-watching of whatever is on WWE network will feel like 12 years for some)

Written comedically by Mike Lano (not even bothering to put my tongue in my cheek)



With so much great original tv programming now (loads from cable but also from Netflix, Amazon, soon Hulu+, Google and Apple TV, etc),  do we really need a for-pay streaming “network” of just wrestling stuff.   C’mon, they’re original


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Remembering Nelson (Mabel, Viscera, Big Daddy Voodoo, Big Daddy, Big Daddy V, etc)

Photos and Text By Mike Lano


We were all saddened to hear of Memphis-born, Memphis-great,  Nelson Frazier Jr’s passing.  A great big teddy bear of a guy whose ring names included Mabel (of Men on a Mission once they got to WWF), Viscera in the Attitude Era and more recently Big Daddy V (in the botched ECW reboot by WWE).  Bleached mohawk, often scary looking contacts, but he said he has the “most fun doing my Teddy Pendergrass and Barry White lover man tribute in a robe” gimmick with Lillian Garcia and other on-air women.  He was indeed a loving man born on Valentine’s day and recently celebrated his 43rd birthday.  Legit tough guy when pressed.


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Many thanks to Dr. Mike Lano and The Phantom, who joined forces for this tribute to the late, great Shirley Temple and her wrestler brother George Temple.

– Dr. Mike Lano & The Phantom of the Ring (The Phantom’s comments in italics)


“She was way, way bigger than Honey Boo Boo.  But with talent!”


And talent Shirley Temple had in excess, from her soles to beyond the top of her famous curls.


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The Incredible Almost True Life of Grappling Queen Johnnie Mae Young 

The Incredibly Great Johnnie Mae Young Was Also Human

By Mike Lano



Pioneer. Double-tough. Shooter. Trainer.  Comedic Star.  Hall of Famer. 


 ”The Great Ring Queen” Mae Young.


3/12/1923 to  1/14/2014



Johnnie Mae?  Johnnie Mae!”  remains a call still loudly echoing in my ears, almost like a farm dinner bell of “come and get it!”   I don’t think that anyone who ever heard that will ever forget it.


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Calif. APW Boot Camp Restarting/Reborn This Monday….

– Dr. Mike Lano


Longtime West Coast ref and Pacifica graduate/resident Mark Klausen aka Sparky Ballard (who’s reffed for nearly everyone out here – APW, PWG, Reno and Sac groups, Fog City W, BTW and even his own Gold Rush Pro Wrestling Promotion) is restarting APW’s Boot Camp and moving it from Roland’s long time Hayward, CA, location to across the Bay and on the water in Pacifica (just south of SF proper) at 930 Oddstad Blvd.


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Scott Epstein, One of a Kind

by another of his many friends in Mike Lano


Had just driven 9 hours home when I got emails from many including Evan Ginzberg (who wrote a terrific guest obit for SLAM), Bob M and our own Karen alerting me of this very sad, tragic news. Scott Epstein had passed in a horrible car accident Friday morning that was all over the news back east. He was still so young with so much left in him to accomplish and give back to the world.


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R.I.P. Joyce Farhut, Wrestling Promoter & Wife of The Sheik

– Dr. Mike Lano


Sabu (Terry Brunk) sent word that the original, fireball throwing Sheik’s wife, valet and Detroit office booking/territory partner Joyce Farhut passed away recently.  Joyce was an amazing woman in the male-dominated world of pro wrestling, and a trailblazing pioneer on so many, many levels.


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