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Remembering Shu Aoki

By Mike Lano


Firstly, mutual historian and friend Mick Karch (who began in the late 60′s as the plexi for the Bockwinkel Brigade fan club and later became an announcer for the AWA and many top midwest promotions in the 80′s and 90′s) has the absolute best Shu tribute text online and I urge everyone to go there.  There’s also a photo of Shu, Mick and Bill Apter from I believe some fanfest 2 years ago where they’re all smiles, having one of those great and rare nowadays, pro wrestling fun times.


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Major top title changes, Melissa Anderson re-joins APW last Friday night (photos and results)
By Mike Lano


The second installment of the new and improved West Coast 20 year old All Pro Wrestling (APW) promotion had a sold-out, SRO show last night just blocks from San Francisco’s venerable Roy Shire’s building of the Cow Palace.  And the Cow Palace, rarely used anymore other than for ethnic music concerts, gun shows and Grand National annual rodeos that Shire and his wife Dorothy used to show off their prize horses and cows from their Sebastapol, CA, ranch;  was also packed for a Filipino-American celebration at the same time as APW had several major title changes, major star debuts and more last night.


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Cauliflower Alley Club’s 49th Annual Pro Wrestling Reunion: Plus Some History

By CAC Photographer Dr Mike Lano


Cauliflower Alley Club (“The Ring of Friendship where heat is left at the door”) is the longest brotherhood organization in our community.  We held our 49th annual reunion this year at the Gold Coast Hotel in Las Vegas amidst a lot of awards, many major changes and some controversy.  Nearly everyone has attended or been honored there including Rikidozan’s son and family on his behalf, along with his granddaughter Ria Momoto, Shohei Baba, Inoki, Seiji Sakaguchi, Mitsuhara Misawa, Destroyer Dick Beyer who I’ve served with on the CAC board of directors, Judo Gene Lebell, Sam Muchnick, George Cannon, the Vachons, Bret, Steve Austin, Johnny Powers, Buddy Rogers, Mildred Burke, Penny Banner, former Presidents Lou Thesz, Red Bastien and Nick Bockwinkel, Pat Patterson, Bobby Heenan, Grand Wizard, Lou Albano, Arnold Skoaland, Fred Blassie of course, Ray Stevens, Angelo Mosca, Chigusa, Devil Masami, Ernie Ladd, Mil Mascaras, Verne and Greg Gagne, Buddy Wolfe and Lars Anderson, Abdullah the Butcher, Jim Cornette, the entire McMahon family and nearly everyone in the business.


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Making Nice

By Dr. Mike Lano


As noted on the all-new All Pro Wrestling (APW)’s 2nd card at the great near Cow Palace venue in a few weeks is that Cheerleader Melissa will be on not just the show facing Reby Skye, but also on her first APW card in about 7 years since she and Jason Deadrich broke away from the original owner/founder of APW in Roland Alexander.  Roland sadly passed away last fall and since Roland’s long-time talented booker Markus Mac has purchased the name rights, etc to APW and put on a wildly successful first card which Roland would’ve been proud of,  Markus has done quite a bit of fence-mending.


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Top West Coast Major Wrestling Card Events

By Mike Lano (who’ll be covering all of them as reporter/photographer)


The major West Coast post-Cauliflower Alley Club Vegas reunion card promoted by Butch Haugh using all sorts of great West Coast talent follows a huge two-day Vendetta Pro, Billy Blade promoted show this coming Sunday and Monday(in Las Vegas, directly at our CAC Hotel).  The San Jose May 7th lineup is:


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I Smell A Whiff Of What They’re Cookin’ (and It Stinks)

– Dr. Mike Lano


The Whiff still can’t get tag team wrestling right or just doesn’t get it, period.  Nada.


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Hey CNN, Still No Trace Of The Plane!

– By Mike Lano


WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Brian Danielson and Brie “Bella” (where did that name come from anyway) recently wed along the rushing creek along that magical Sedona’s L’Auberge de Sedona resort property sits upon.  I know the digs well because we’ve visited former champ Superstar Billy Graham in nearby Phoenix, and my wife and I have stayed at the 5-star L’Auberge many times.  Great hiking, no matter one’s difficulty level.  Be aware with the red clay soil, you’re going to ruin tennis shoes no matter the color.  From black to white and other color shoes, that clay dust just won’t wash out and I have the photos to prove it.  One of the great mystical, energy-vibe mysterious places on earth there.  And so clear at night with little pollution allowing one to see most all the stars and constellations.


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Photos by Dr. Mike Lano

WWE 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees


The Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Lita, Paul Bearer, Carlos Colon, Mr. T, and Razor Ramon.


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First APW show (after Roland Alexander’s passing and his booker Markus Mak taking it over) w/ amazing Drake Younger leaving to go to WWE developmental after 5 star match w/ Adam Thornstowe/Reno Scum

Photos and Text by Mike Lano


All Pro Wrestling’s (APW) return show after five months away since founder/owner Roland Alexander’s death last October.  His booker the past 3+ years who fully bought the rights to continue the promotion is announcer, heel manager Marcus Mak.   He found a great venue (The Bayshore Community Center of Daly City, California)  just blocks away from Roy Shire’s classic Cow Palace venue, and the event was sold out with 386 people for what is hoped will be the home auditorium.


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Not Necessarily The News

By Dr Mike


WWE Net should pay heed to Netflix stuck giving $$ to Comcast to stream properly, Hogan recovered OK after “Network”X2 verbal fumble last night…


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