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Can He Get A Yes?

– Article & photos by Dr. Mike Lano, DDS


I’m certain everyone felt badly hearing the news the other day about Axl Rotten’s passing.  He was one of those total ECW pioneers who gave his body and craft to entertain everyone before, during the great ECW days and beyond.


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Dr. Mike’s Not Necessarily Da Super News

– Dr. Mike Lano


Not that there’s anything wrong with possibly being influenced by someone else’s fan fest around your biggest annual event  (meaning Mania vs Superbowl).  Some of the many longtime NFL press told me that the NFL’s been doing these fan interaction events at this level more years than the earliest WWE Access events which I think started in either 2004 or 5.


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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, As Good As It Gets 

Article & photo by Dr. Mike Lano


(Part one of several)

I’ve had the honor of watching Los Angeles-based Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG and grow from its earliest days to the world force and showcase for the highest quality wrestling it remains today.  Spearheaded by founder (and long-time West Coast high flying star able to work any style of grappling) Super Dragon, it’s been unusual over its many years for often being able to bring in not just top American, Canadian, European, Japanese, Mexican, etc. athletes; but also from promotions ranging from ROH, TNA, Evolve and many others.  Literally the cream of the crop in an ever-changing industry landscape at their Reseda, CA home.


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Remembering Jonnie Mae Young

– Dr. Mike Lano


Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the passing of Jonnie Mae Young, born 3/12/23.  Total, total legend who helped train Lil/Moolah and so many others besides being a total pioneer in the biz along with greats like Mildred Burke, June Byers and later Mae Weston and so many others.


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David Bowie, Not Of This Earth

– Mike Lano


Maybe it was for the best that the general public didn’t know that David Bowie had been very ill with cancer the past 18 months.  CBS Morning News opened this morning with Charlie Rose interviewing him back in 1989, and Bowie was smoking during the entire interview sadly ala Keith Richards in his own, old days.  Bowie even coughed the smoker’s deep cough which was chilling several times during the piece.  Although he might not have seemed of this world, otherworldly while fallling into it; he forever changed this planet.  I know this has nothing to do with boxing, MMA or pro wrestling, but David Bowie sort of does. Well the color, spectacle and showmanship he brought to his performances and video certainly were influential even in pro wrestling.  One wouldn’t have an Adrian Street without Bowie’s influence.  Or Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Velvet Underground’s Lou Reed on up to George Clinton and Bootsie Collins, NY Dolls, Kiss, Talking Heads, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Gaga, Katie Perry, and so many others who lifted from the Bowie palate.  Most anyone doing anything with flair and color since 1971 has DB to thank.


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On Bob Leonard and Joyce Grable (and other stuff)

– By Dr. Mike Lano


Karen sent me an email that I just received today and was very happy to hear super nice person Joyce Grable put out online that she’s doing great.

Joyce Grable just posted this on her Facebook:

I am back home. 4 days in hospital but have new valves in my heart. 1 -2 weeks before I can drive. Just very thankful I am feeling good and on my way to better health. God is so good to me. Will see you in Mobile.


Which we’re all praying means after all her cancer therapy, is that she’s in remission. I just emailed my longtime pal to send her more encouragement. And that why does it seem often in wrestling the really nice, caring people seem to get ailments, etc. while the total a-holes live forever, often problem and disease-free.   Joyce has always been a total sweetheart, plus of course a great young legend in the biz.  Keep those positive vibes going for her everyone.


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Dr. Mike’s Canvas Cavity 2015 Year End Edition

– Dr. Mike Lano


Vince was completely unbelievable last night grabbing the what was the suit s’posed to be – think the police sgt?’s lapels for no reason.  Stephanie shrilling for no reason other than the repeated, hysterical “I’ll call Jerry McDivett.”   Yeah, right.   The whole angle led nowhere, didn’t advance anything, was super poorly acted (old, tired from Austin days) and no one was suspending even 2 seconds of disbelief for that one. 


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“I feel a great disturbance in the force…”  Really?

– Article & Photos By Dr. Mike Lano


*Went to see Star Wars a second time, but in 3D and in IMax which is the only way to see it. Wow is all I can say. Then saw the Tina/Amy disaster comedy Sisters and it was hard to compare the two.  All the SNL veterans are super funny, but it’s basically the destruction of their parents home that they (spoiler alert) decide not to sell after all, halfway thru the party where the home is completely trashed. Academy Award winner Dianne Wiest who plays Tina and Amy’s character mother is pretty damn terrific. Back to Star Wars, I’m always concerned that Carrie Fisher has really abused herself and her voice and looks, but she was fantastic and controlled in The Force Awakens, so kudos to her and all involved.  Just GREAT.


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Diametric Opposites
Remembering Nick Bockwinkel and Don Fargo

– Article & photos by Dr. Mike Lano

Sorry guys for being late with some personal thoughts on these two greats of the industry.


It’s been very hard to process Nick’s Alzheimer’s the past few years, let alone losing him the other day with Donny the week prior.


Both great in their own way but complete opposites.


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Lano’s Not Necessarily The News


Dr. Mike Lano is back with his commentary on the latest wrestling news items.


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