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Former USC football star, pro wrestler Del Wilkes finds redemption after fall from grace

Mike Mooneyham


Del Wilkes was certainly no stranger to fame and the adulation of adoring fans.

One of the most celebrated football players to come out of the University of South Carolina, Wilkes later carved out a niche in the professional wrestling world, capturing a slew of titles and an international reputation.


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Mid-Atlantic mat memories: Curtain closes on Fanfest

–  Mike Mooneyham


They say all good things must come to an end. And so it was with Fanfest.

For the past decade, the annual four-day event had become a destination for thousands of fans who traveled from every nook and cranny of the country, and locales as far away as Japan and Australia, to converge for a weekend of wrestling nostalgia.


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Ageless Ricky Steamboat good guy inside and outside the wrestling ring

– Mike Mooneyham


With a name like Dick Blood, there was little chance Ricky Steamboat could have ever achieved his ultimate status as one of pro wrestling’s greatest babyfaces.

But when Richard Henry Blood became matinee idol Ricky Steamboat, the young wrestler’s fate changed almost overnight.


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Arn Anderson was heart of the Horsemen

- Mike Mooneyham


“Adversity introduces a man to himself.” – Arn Anderson

I always loved that quote. Especially when Arn Anderson said it … because you just knew he meant it.



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Former WWE star C.M. Punk has fans still guessing

Mike Mooneyham


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

If that’s true, then WWE fans must be really missing C.M. Punk, who bolted the company several months ago and never looked back.


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Former WWE champ Daniel Bryan facing uphill battle upon return

– Mike Mooneyham


A mere two months ago, Daniel Bryan was on top of the wrestling world.

He had emerged victorious in the biggest match of his career, winning the WWE heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 30 in front of 75,000 fans in New Orleans, a storybook scenario that could have only been scripted in the pro wrestling arena.

The story, though, was supposed to be just beginning.


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Darius Rucker talks Ric Flair, old school wrestling

Mike Mooneyham


Some of Darius Rucker’s favorite childhood times were spent watching pro wrestling on television and attending live grappling events at the former County Hall.

The territory days are long gone, and County Hall is a relic of the past.


But his love for the “old days” and one particular performer has never waned.


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The Fabulous Fargo Brothers Reunite!

Article & photos by Paul Stratoti


Just as Bruno Sammartino said 2 years ago at the 2012 induction of his lifelong friend Dominic that Mr. DeNucci  may had been shortchanged in wrestling I too sensed that Greg Valentine was getting shortchanged during this year’s induction of the Fabulous Fargo Brothers and it has been my honor to bring him together here with the forces that be as his sponsor and to clarify what apparently had needed to be clarified.


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Remembering “Arriba” Luis Martinez

– Article & photos by Paul Stratoti


I last saw Luis in 1987 when he was working a program for the Great Lakes Wrestling Association during which time he wrestled the Sheik as “Apache” Luis Martinez.  He was working in conjunction with 3M Productions with Howard Mann (aka Howard “the Animal” Steel). I never found out who the other partner was but on this night it didn’t matter as he was wrestling the Sheik for the Sheik’s United States championship and he still had it in him as his ailment hadn’t quite made it to him yet. He may have lost that match by having fire thrown at him that night at Willard High School but he would continue to do battle in the ring or the foreseeable future although his active wrestling career had winded own to a trickle.


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Best and worst of times for WWE champion Daniel Bryan

  • Mike Mooneyham


The big news in the world of pro wrestling last week was the announcement that Daniel Bryan, just a month into his WWE world championship reign, will be sidelined for an indefinite period of time with a neck injury serious enough to require surgery.


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