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Remembering Percival A (for Al) Friend

By Dr Mike Lano


We were all friends of the great Al Friend (born  Albion Joseph Friend who passed on the 23rd), a longtime Midwest manager, but more importantly a great friend and give-backer to the biz he so loved.  A regular for some 15 years at Cauliflower Alley Club and a phenomenally nice person.  Al had taught some of the Harts and Bob Johnson how to play the wrestler’s famous mainstay competitive board game (combining a lot of skill sets) in Cribbage as well as many others, and he was right up there at CAC, winning our annual Cribbage tournaments several times over other longtime winners in Destroyer Dick Beyer, Butcher Paul Vachon and Riki Ataki.


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Old days never ended for pro wrestling’s Professor Elliot

– Mike Mooneyham


He was the answer to his own riddle.

Who was the only person in World Wide Wrestling Federation history to hold all five championship belts in one night?

Professor Elliot Maron, of course.


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Dr. Mike Lano Remembers Prof. Elliot Maron

– Article & photos (to be added soon) by Dr. Mike Lano


Longtime major major WWWF fan and much more, Professor Elliot Maron died the other day after a long fight with Diabetes and other ailments.  He was nonresponsive and rushed to the hospital.  Like Piper and so many of our friends and brothers, Elliot was far too young to have been taken from us.


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Piper Hollywood Memorial Event A Moving, Family Affair

By Invited Attendee, Dr Mike Lano (
Piper’s longest and in more countries photographer from 1975 to current



Was honored to have been part of Monday’s event at the historic Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. along the strip in the western portion of Hollywood.   Drove the 8 hours to make the trip and was asked to bring down my photos of Piper from 1975 to current.  Had photographed his very first match in my home base Los Angeles/Lebell territory in January of 1976 just months after Chavo Guerrero arrived, followed soon by his legendary dad Gory.


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Rowdy Roddy Piper Always Knew How to Make an Exit

– Mike Mooneyham

Henry Marcus was pacing nervously through the dressing room at County Hall.

“Anyone seen Roddy Piper yet?” the veteran promoter asked a group of wrestlers huddled in the corner.


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Dr. Mike Lano Remembers Rowdy Roddy Piper

Article & photos by Dr. Mike Lano

Still trying to process Dusty Rhodes and Verne Gagne’s passings (and that of Hogan’s career).  Now this.


This is really hard to take in because he was still a kid at 61.  Way, way too young to leave this world.  The Hodgkins had reportedly been in remission for years, according to him directly to me.


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Roddy Piper died in his sleep last night (Thursday, 8/30/15) of a heart attack, in his home in Hollywood, CA.


He will be greatly missed by wrestling fans the world over.


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‘Nature Boy’ Buddy Landel battled his demons, but found redemption

__ Mike Mooneyham


“If ever there was such a talented rascal who would always be unconventional, it was Buddy Landel.” — Cowboy Bill Watts

Buddy Landel, who passed away last week at the age of 53, never had a problem admitting to anyone that he — far too often — had been his own worst enemy.


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Pro wrestling legend ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes dead at 69

– Mike Mooneyham



Dusty Rhodes, one of professional wrestling’s most iconic stars, died Thursday at the age of 69.

Rhodes, whose real name was Virgil Riley Runnels Jr., was better known to millions of wrestling fans worldwide as “The American Dream.”


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Dusty Rhodes, One of the All Time Greats

– Article & photo by Dr. Mike Lano


Glad to see so many young and not so young in the biz posting, Tweeting and remembering Big Dust who had so many great phrases and career arcs in wrestling.


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