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Absolute Intense Wrestling 3/29 Results & Photo Gallery: Girls Night Out 11 & 12

– Article & photos by Paul Stratoti


AIW presented GIRLS NIGHT OUT 11 & 12 on Saturday March 29th, 2014, at the legendary Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH.


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Photos by Dr. Mike Lano

WWE 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees


The Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Lita, Paul Bearer, Carlos Colon, Mr. T, and Razor Ramon.


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Cauliflower Alley Club Lifetime Member Demands Greg Valentine Be Present During PWHOF Induction

Article & photos by Paul Stratoti


Recently, I called Greg Valentine at his home to discuss interviewing him. He had just returned from his dentist’s office and was not really feeling up to interviewing at the moment. He is still a very busy man working behind the wrestling scenes and we agreed upon a time and I spoke to him yesterday afternoon.


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First APW show (after Roland Alexander’s passing and his booker Markus Mak taking it over) w/ amazing Drake Younger leaving to go to WWE developmental after 5 star match w/ Adam Thornstowe/Reno Scum

Photos and Text by Mike Lano


All Pro Wrestling’s (APW) return show after five months away since founder/owner Roland Alexander’s death last October.  His booker the past 3+ years who fully bought the rights to continue the promotion is announcer, heel manager Marcus Mak.   He found a great venue (The Bayshore Community Center of Daly City, California)  just blocks away from Roy Shire’s classic Cow Palace venue, and the event was sold out with 386 people for what is hoped will be the home auditorium.


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The Incredible Almost True Life of Grappling Queen Johnnie Mae Young 

The Incredibly Great Johnnie Mae Young Was Also Human

By Mike Lano



Pioneer. Double-tough. Shooter. Trainer.  Comedic Star.  Hall of Famer. 


 ”The Great Ring Queen” Mae Young.


3/12/1923 to  1/14/2014



Johnnie Mae?  Johnnie Mae!”  remains a call still loudly echoing in my ears, almost like a farm dinner bell of “come and get it!”   I don’t think that anyone who ever heard that will ever forget it.


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Results from the Dec. 13th SHINE Wrestling SHINE 15 show

- – Brian Reese




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It’s official, The Lumberjacks have unlaced their boots for the last time, and retired from wrestling.


They want to share some photos with their fans, and thank everyone for a great 25 year career in the squared circle.


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It Wasn’t A Dog Eat Dog World For Our Maurice Vachon

Or, Some Thoughts On A Grand Old Friend

by Michael Lano, DDS


Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon really had to be seen in his 60′s and early 70′s heyday glory to be fully appreciated.  Just look at Verne’s 1973 film The Wrestler where he causes mayhem all over the place along with Bruiser/Crusher, Rhodes and Murdoch and others who hoped to emulate Vachon’s long legend (this was before the Mickey Rourke one).


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Legends of Wrestling Presents Piper’s Pit with Special Guest Jimmy Hart, Plus 6 Legends Matches on Nov. 3

– Article & photos by Paul Stratoti


Sunday, Nov. 3

7:30 pm


Covelli Center
Youngstown, OH


Six matches involving all-time wrestling greats are on the card, including X Pac, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Marty Jannetty, Bushwhacker Luke, and  Tatanka.


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Chair Shot!  Chair Shot!

Article & most photos by Paul Stratoti


Using a chair to help win a match may be an unfair tactic which many times wrestlers use but there may be legit and underlying reasons for which they do so. Careers have nearly ended, bones have been broken and hospital bills have piled up for chairs being used during matches.


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