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Remembering Percival A (for Al) Friend

By Dr Mike Lano


We were all friends of the great Al Friend (born  Albion Joseph Friend who passed on the 23rd), a longtime Midwest manager, but more importantly a great friend and give-backer to the biz he so loved.  A regular for some 15 years at Cauliflower Alley Club and a phenomenally nice person.  Al had taught some of the Harts and Bob Johnson how to play the wrestler’s famous mainstay competitive board game (combining a lot of skill sets) in Cribbage as well as many others, and he was right up there at CAC, winning our annual Cribbage tournaments several times over other longtime winners in Destroyer Dick Beyer, Butcher Paul Vachon and Riki Ataki.


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Heidi Lovelace To Defend Her Newly Crowned Absolute Intense Wrestling Women’s Championship Next Saturday Afternoon, 10/3!


– Article & photos by Paul Stratoti; posters by AIW


AIW Girls’ Night Out — 3:00pm

followed by

AIW Fresh Meat  — 7:30pm

Saturday, Oct. 3


Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

1355 West 70th St.

Cleveland, OH


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The Lumberjacks Retire from Wrestling to Hunt MO MO


The Lumberjacks Abe & Gabe retired from wrestling and are now hunting MO MO, the bigfoot like beast of Missouri!


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Piper Hollywood Memorial Event A Moving, Family Affair

By Invited Attendee, Dr Mike Lano (
Piper’s longest and in more countries photographer from 1975 to current



Was honored to have been part of Monday’s event at the historic Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. along the strip in the western portion of Hollywood.   Drove the 8 hours to make the trip and was asked to bring down my photos of Piper from 1975 to current.  Had photographed his very first match in my home base Los Angeles/Lebell territory in January of 1976 just months after Chavo Guerrero arrived, followed soon by his legendary dad Gory.


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Pampero Firpo Calls Out To Pedro Morales, Plus Other News

— Article by Paul Stratoti
— Photos by Paul Stratoti & Wayne Palmer, as noted


Every so often I am asked what it is like to be up, close and personal with today’s wrestling and “Sports Entertainment” professionals.


First of all let me explain that I do not necessary put myself in the same realm as the superstars and Legends yet I maintain diligence in doing what I can to celebrate victories with them, and to document and report on their accomplishments for publication.


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Shimmer – It Is That Damn Great

Article & photos by Dr. Mike Lano

I know at times it sounds like I’m an old blowhard.  I have shot just about every group I ever wanted to shoot, nearly everyone in-ring (except for Johnny Powers in his prime, but I did get him to pose in the locker room with Inoki, Sheik, Ernie Ladd and others backstage for Eddie Einhorn’s magnificent IWA (those three great Roosevelt Stadium outdoor New Jersey shows and then my boss Eddie had the tv tapings at NYC’s famous Beacon Theatre which is still a chic place for events).


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Mickie James Returns To the Ring In Hot AIW & TNA Action!

– Article & photos by Paul Stratoti


Results and photos from Absolute Intense Wrestling’s Make ‘Em Say Uhh! on Friday, April 24 at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, 1355 West 70th St., Cleveland, OH.


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Trip To Bountiful (Las Vegas, Cauliflower Alley’s 50th Anniversary)
Or, “The Girlfriend Experience” (I’m just kidding around)

Article & photos by Dr. Mike Lano


Exhausted and back from Vegas and I think most everyone had an overall fantastic time at Cauliflower Alley Club’s 50th anniversary in Las Wages/Vegas over those big 3 days. Last Sunday night saw night one of the associated CAC wrestling card that hard-working and capable wrestler/promoter Billy Blade does under his Vendetta Pro wrestling group/training center banner.


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Wrestlemania Weekend 2015 Photo Gallery!

– Dr. Mike Lano


Dr. Mike Lano took a lot of great photos over Wrestlemania weekend!  Keep checking back for additions as he goes through them all.


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Jim Cornette tribute and fan expo


– Article & photos by Josh Stewart


Famous pro wrestling manager Jim Cornette was honored with a tribute dinner as part of the Masters of Ring Entertainment fan expo in Wilmington, North Carolina. pro wrestling writer Josh Stewart was in Wilmington and shared photos of Cornette and other pro wrestling legends via Instagram.


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