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Lashley hurts ankle, Boogieman burns corneas at Oakland indie show Stars of Wrestling last night (RESULTS)

– Article & Photos by Dr. Mike Lano

11/12/16  Stars of Wrestling    
Alameda High School, Alameda, CA 
(regulars are Lashley, Boogieman & Carlito w/ the latter not here for the first time in 5 shows)


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The Phantom of the Ring

Lights, Camera, ‘Rassling
Registered Nurse (WB, 1934) – Director: Robert Florey. Writers: Lillie Hayward & Peter Milne (s/p). Based on Night Duty, a play by Florence Johns & Wilson Lackeye, Jr. Cast: Bebe Daniels, Lyle Talbot, John Halliday, Irene Franklin, Sidney Toler, Gordon Westcott, Minna Gombell, Beulah Bondi, Vince Barnett, Phillip Reed, Mayo Methot, Renee Whitney, Virginia Sale, Ronnie Cosby, Edward Gargan, Louise Beavers, Harry Ekezian & Tor Johnson. Black and White, 63 minutes.
— Edited by J Michael Kenyon.


Registered Nurse is an entertaining programmer from Warner Bros. and director Robert Florey. Florey crams a lot of plot into only 63 minutes while making us feel the film is longer. It boasts solid performances from its stars, and despite some rather poorly written plot contrivances, manages to entertain and see us through until the end.


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The Phantom of the Ring returns with a series of reviews of wrestling movies over the years.


The Sport Parade (RKO, 1932) – Director: Dudley Murphy. Writers: Corey Ford, Francis M. Cockrell (s/p); Jerry Horwin (story); Robert Benchley, T.H. Wenning (additional dialogue, uncredited). Cast: Joel McCrea, Marian Marsh, William Gargan, Robert Benchley, Walter Catlett, Richard “Skeets” Gallagher, Clarence Wilson, & Ivan Linow. Black and White, 64 minutes.


The Sport Parade is a child of its times. Although it may seem especially odd to us today to see pro football treated with the same disdain as professional wrestling, we should keep in mind that, with the exception of baseball, pro sports were seen as disreputable as compared to the “pure” sport that was found in amateur competition. Of course, in reality amateur football was just as crooked, if not more so, than what was claimed for the pro side. Back in those days, the NFL was no more than a blip on the sports map, still struggling for existence. Although it got a boost when the great Red Grange signed on in 1925, not many other college greats followed suit; the prevailing ethos at the time being that taking pay for one’s play was sign of questionable character.


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Interview: Dan Severn Tells All, New Book

– Chris Yandek


In a new interview with Chris Yandek of CYInterview, former NWA World Champion and WWE Superstar Dan “The Beast” Severn reveals he would have never had a career in pro wrestling or the UFC if he would have won the Olympic Gold Medal in amateur wrestling.


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Bravo Lucha Mexico!

– Article & photo by Dr. Mike Lano


The Lucha Mexico documentary has great-footage in each city, plus music that makes one feel like they’re there.

re: Lucha Mexico Documentary

rating: Lano gives it 4.8 stars out of 5


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Review : Jake The Snake Roberts Unspoken Word Tour – Montreal, Quebec – June 8th 2016


- Steven Wilson



Its been a long time since Jake The Snake Roberts performed in front of a sold out crowd here in Montreal. For many years it looked as though he had gone well past the point of no return. As he is quick to point out he has been reported dead several times over the years, and many had given up on him. Wednesday night however, Jake made a triumphant return to Montreal to entertain his fans in a truly unique way, as he brought he Unspoken Word Tour to Comedy Works in downtown Montreal and for nearly 90 minutes Jake once again had a crowd hanging onto his every word as he worked the mic as only Jake can.



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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, As Good As It Gets 

Article & photo by Dr. Mike Lano


(Part one of several)

I’ve had the honor of watching Los Angeles-based Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG and grow from its earliest days to the world force and showcase for the highest quality wrestling it remains today.  Spearheaded by founder (and long-time West Coast high flying star able to work any style of grappling) Super Dragon, it’s been unusual over its many years for often being able to bring in not just top American, Canadian, European, Japanese, Mexican, etc. athletes; but also from promotions ranging from ROH, TNA, Evolve and many others.  Literally the cream of the crop in an ever-changing industry landscape at their Reseda, CA home.


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Apter’s mat memoir funny, poignant; Remembering the great Nick Bockwinkel

– Mike Mooneyham


Leave it to Bill Apter to come up with a title like “Is Wrestling Fixed: I Didn’t Know It Was Broken!”

For nearly 50 years Apter has been at the forefront of pro wrestling journalism. As well known and influential as many of the top stars he has covered over that half century, Apter has solidified his spot among wrestling’s hierarchy.


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Verne Gagne helped shape mat industry; E:60 documentary on WWE a can’t miss

– Mike Mooneyham



The impact of Verne Gagne’s influence on professional wrestling may never be fully known.

But it can be said that if there had never been a Verne Gagne, pro wrestling most certainly would be the poorer for it.

Gagne, who passed away last week at the age of 89 after an extended battle with Alzheimer’s disease, was an Olympic-caliber athlete who excelled in football and wrestling in college, and parlayed those skills to the pro wrestling arena where for decades he was one of the sport’s most celebrated performers and promoters.


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Relive Mid-Atlantic wrestling glory days with ‘Front Row Section D’

– Mike Mooneyham


They were regarded by some as the most dangerous faction in Mid-Atlantic wrestling.

They were a staple during grappling’s heyday in Greensboro, N.C., and routinely appeared in front of thousands of jeering fans at arenas throughout the Jim Crockett-run territory.


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